26 January 2010


Popular Science-US Scientists Call for the Creation of an International Asteroid Defense Agency
Popular Science
But yeah we need a space based meteor hunter for no other reason than to quantify the threat and begin tracking them which it's a game of cosmic billiards ...

Meteor! - Bad Astronomy and Universe Today Forum
By skyline5k
Just saw one shoot through the Shanghai night sky. This thing must've lost about 3 layers or so. Pretty impressive! I was out having a smoke on my ...

Christian Science Monitor-Protecting Earth from asteroids
Christian Science Monitor
This is an artist's depiction of a huge meteorite striking Earth 65 million years ago, which, scientists says, sent the dinosaurs and many other life forms ...

Death from the skies? Ho-hum.
The Space Review
By Wednesday, scientists with the Smithsonian Institution's Museum of Natural History confirmed that the rocks were meteorites that had plunged to Earth ...

Only nukes can stop planetsmash asteroids, say US boffins
Register By Lewis Page • Get more from this author Top American boffins have warned that the US government's efforts to prevent global apocalypse caused by meteor ...

More funding needed to meet asteroid detection mandate
SPACEFLIGHT NOW January 22, 2010
NASA is not doing enough to complete a mandated search forEarth-threatening asteroids and comets because the space agency is notreceiving enough money for the problem, according to a National ResearchCouncil report.In a report released Friday, scientists said Congress and theadministration have not requested or appropriated funding to complete asurvey mandated in the NASA Authorization Act of 2005.Called the George E. Brown, Jr., Near-Earth Object Survey, the detectionprogram was tasked with discovering 90 percent of Near-Earth Objects, orNEOs, larger than 140 meters, or 459 feet, by 2020. NEOs of that sizewould have regional or continental affects if they struck Earth. ...


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