04 December 2014

UK / Eire Meteor 02DEC2014

UK / Ireland Meteor Approx 22000 GMT 02DEC2014
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UK / Ireland Meteor Approx 22000 GMT 02DEC2014
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Initial Meteor Reports-

02DEC2014 Katie marston green, birmingham, UK 2200 5 seconds sw right Green tail moon No na

02DEC2014 C.Hanson Barnstaple, Devon, UK 2200 GMT 5-7 secs In the west, coming straight down Green Moon Yes I had a clear view of the sky as I was walking West. The object appeared very suddenly, it seemed to be falling straight down. As it fell it brightened before breaking into 3 then disappeared high in the sky.

02DEC2014 Aiman samy Wicklow, Republic of Ireland 21:58:00 4-5 seconds Driving south from Dublin. Bright light falling straight down. Got brighter before disappearing sudennly Ball of fire. Bright yellow/orange More like the sun Possible fragmentation just before dissapearing Didn't see it start, seemed quite large and dissapeared suddenly.

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