27 April 2013

UK Meteor 26APR2013

UK Meteor ~22:14 Local 26APR2013
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UK / Ireland Meteor 26APR2013
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
26APR2013 Daniel Dulieu Stamford, Lincolnshire 22.14pm 3 Seconds West Green Colour Green like Venus No Meteor fell almost vertically, lasted no more than a few seconds and faded almost as though it disappeared in thin air. Looked like a green balloon / possibly a shooting star but looked considerably larger in size.

26APR2013 Mick Smith Barwell, Leicestershire, UK 2214 2 to 3 seconds. 40 to 10deg, E to W, facing west ball intense pale blue/green.  Surrounded by white light, small red/orange fading to white tail. As moon in clear sky. No Will submit artwork in due course.

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Unknown said...

Mayur Patel sighted this actual Green/Blue intense just for about 1 sec shooting star with white thin line...