13 December 2012

Turkey Bolide Meteor 11DEC2012

Turkey Bolide Meteor 11DEC2012

Perşembe'ye Göktaşı Düştü
Tuesday Meteorite Falls

Army meteor crashed into the sea off the town Tuesday.
trthaber.com- special... district that makes you feel a slight jolt to a meteor falling memoir, recorded by security cameras.
  Meteorite fell into the sea during the night. Weather brightened up a slight concussion has occurred. Some citizens panicked. Nature event and its aftermath, was recorded by cameras from moment to moment. ... SEE VIDEO-

Reader from Turkey wrote:
"According to Turkish news, yesterday night a meteor fallen in Turkey. Fallen to Black Sea; offshore waters of Ordu City.You can see video from here; trt is govermental tv channel, and video is by security cam as they say."
Erdem Simsek
Thank you Erdem!

2012 THE Year of Meteors!

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Based upon my research, I believe many of these "meteors" may be orbital dark matter (micro black holes) orbiting into the Earth. They get absorbed by the Earth or orbit through and around it triggering weather and seismic events. No joke. They glow hot and can also collapse gasses arpund them.