18 December 2012

MBIQ Detected Punjab, India Meteor 17DEC2012

MBIQ (Meteor Bot Internet Query) Bot detected meteor(s) event in Punjab, India on 17DEC2012.  The event has not been confirmed by two reports.  Thank you for your reports!  Any other reports?  Please file a sighting report.

17DEC2012 kamalpreet singh jalandhar, punjab, india 19.36 5sec left to right bright yellow same as moon not exactly huge ball from sky

17DEC2012 RAHUL SHARMA JALANDHAR, PUNJAB, INDIA 18.50(+5.30) 5sec N-E heading east downward diagonally firstly bright green/blueish then changed into orange around midway,no sound so much like on day of full moon didn't notice   it was like huge burning ball. i have seen many meteors in my life, but this one was huge.it lights the sky like a firework

2012 THE Year of Meteors!

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Sartaj said...

I saw some kind of shooting star yesterday at around 7P.M... But that wasn't like ordinary shooting star... It is very close to earth and has green and orange light... It was in the sky for around 5 seconds...