22 December 2012

Meteor detected over AZ, NM 21DEC2012

MBIQ Detects AZ NM Meteor 21DEC2012
Meteor Bot Internet Query (MBIQ) Bot has just detected a meteor event over NM and AZ.  We need your reports to confirm this event.  Thank you!

MBIQ reports will soon be moving to the MBIQ Meteor Bot Internet Query website and will not always be reported on The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News; only confirmed meteors will be reported.
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MBIQ Data for this event can be viewed directly at:

Event confirmed; Initial Meteor Sighting Reports:
21DEC2012 Mark Tucson, AZ, USA 22:42:00 3 sec Started over center of sky, travelling eastward green less bright than sun, brighter than planets, as bright as moon no fragmentation n/a

21DEC2012 esther douglas arizona 1045 5 seconds sout white same as sun no looked like a shooting star with fire
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