15 December 2012

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 15DEC2012

Photographer Takes Picture Of Blazing Meteor While Asleep
The Inquisitr
According to NBC News, Arkansas photographer Brian Emfinger captured the bestmeteor he's ever photographed while sleeping. Emfinger said that this was, “definitely the brightest meteor I've ever imaged. If I was awake, it would have been the brightest...

The Inquisitr

Shooting stars observed as Geminid meteor shower peaks
Asahi Shimbun
NICHINAN, Miyazaki Prefecture--A glorious display of shooting stars lit up the winter sky in the early-morning hours of Dec. 14. The Geminids, one of the three major annual meteor showers, reached its peak from the night of Dec. 13 through early ...

NASA: A New Meteor Shower in December? | WTVR ...
NASA forecasters say a stream of meteoroids from Comet Wirtanen could cut across Earth's ...

Star-gazers watch Geminid meteor shower
CW39 NewsFix
Star-gazers could see streaks of light from the annual Geminid meteor shower overnight. NASA says it's the first time the comet's debris has crossed earth's orbit. But forget that, we think the streaks were angels! It's the second time this week there ...

Comet Wirtanen adds to light show from Geminid ...
Star-gazers who stayed up late and braved the cold Thursday night enjoyed quite a show.

How to watch the Geminids Meteor Shower: Miles O ...
9 min
Reporting for Boing Boing, PBS science correspondent Miles O'Brien talks to Mark Armstrong ..

Meteor Shower Told in Tweets
PBS NewsHour (blog)
Israelis in a hot water spring on the shore of the Dead Sea near the Israeli Kibbutz of Ein Gedi watch the sky for Geminid meteor streaks above the Judean desert on December 14, 2012. Photo by Menahem Kahana/AFP/Getty Images. Prepare to look skyward.

Top Five Photos of the Geminid Meteor Shower
The East feasted on the Geminid meteor shower Thursday night, AccuWeather Meteorologist Bret Anderson said, thanks to a big dome of high pressure sitting across the region. Stargazers will have a second chance to see the meteor shower on Friday night.

Our Favorite Shots From The Greatest Meteor Shower Of The Year
Business Insider
The Geminid meteor shower lit up the sky Thursday night with hundreds of streaming fireballs. Cloudy skies and street lights notwithstanding, the most intense meteor of the shower of year could be seen from almost every point on Earth. In some parts of ...

Geminid meteor shower streaks the early morning sky
Baltimore Sun (blog)
The Geminid meteor shower sprinkles the night sky with shooting stars every December and last night spectators from around the globe enjoyed the peak of this cosmic light show. The name Geminid stems from its close proximity to the Gemini constellation ...

Geminid Meteor Shower 2012 [PHOTOS]
International Business Times
Thursday night's Geminid meteor shower dazzled astronomers and casual sky watchers alike through the early Friday morning hours with an abundance of shooting stars. "Meteors from the new shower (if any) will be visible in the early evening, with the...

Photo: The Geminid Meteor Shower Over San Francisco
Photographer Tony Eckersley shot this amazing composite photo of seven meteors over San Francisco during a one-hour period of the Geminid meteor shower Thursday night. "I saw around 30 total," Tony explains, "shame I only caught seven in the camera.

Photo of The Day: Geminid Meteor Shower Over Venice
Last night the Geminid Meteor Shower put on a show bright enough even for city slickers to enjoy. One of the fabulous photographers who contributes to our Flickr photo pool caught a great image of ameteor streaking over Venice Beach and across the ...

Amazing Geminid meteor shower puts on a space show
BBC News
There was an amazing show going on in space for people lucky enough to see the annual Geminid meteor shower. Although there was a lot of cloud around the UK last night, a few lucky people saw loads of shooting stars streaking across the sky.

Geminid Meteor Shower Dazzles Night Sky Watchers
LOS ANGELES (KTLA) — Stargazers who stayed up late and braved the chilly weather enjoyed quite a show on Thursday night. Dozens of bright objects streaked across the sky each hour between dusk and dawn as the annual Geminid meteor shower ...

Geminid meteor shower video: NASA releases Geminid meteor shower video ...
Star-gazers could expect to see 80 to 120 stars per hour, according to NASA. The Geminid meteor shower gets its name from the constellation Gemini. Did you see any shooting stars? Let us know in the comment box below or join the discussion on Facebook ..

NASA Meteor Shower - What A Show!
WFMY News 2
These streaks of light are from the annual Geminid meteor shower -- and an even more rare event, meteors carried along by the comet Wirtanen. This is the first time the comet's debris field crossed the earth's orbit, and NASA says it may have produced ...

Pictures from last night's Geminid meteor shower…
Fayetteville Observer (blog)
Last night's Geminid meteor shower didn't disappoint. I watched off and on from 7 PM until 12:30 AM and saw many more meteors than I photographed. I was plagued by a familiar problem…meteors appeared in parts of the sky where my camera wasn't ...

Geminids Meteorite Shower Visible from Iceland Tonight
Fri, 14 Dec, 2012 09:19 AM PST
Ómar Sigurðsson witnessed a meteorite shower in the winter sky while on his way from Reykjavík to Eyrarbakki in South Iceland yesterday evening. The event is forecast to peak tonight and tomorrow.

Geminid meteor shower captured in photo
Fri, 14 Dec, 2012 08:24 AM PST
Photographed with a fisheye lens, photo editor Michael Heinz captured a meteorite in the sky late last night near Lafayette.

Geminid meteor shower amazes night-sky watchers
Washington Post
Israelis enjoy a hot water spring on the shore of the Dead Sea near the Israeli Kibbutz of Ein Gedi as they watch the sky looking for Geminid meteor streaks above Judean desert. The meteor display, known as the Geminid meteor shower because it appears ...
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Geminid meteor shower brings shooting stars
A meteor streaks across the night sky over the village of Pesevici, near Zenica, 80 km (49 miles) from the capital Sarajevo (Reuters). Robert Massey of the Royal Astronomical Society told the Telegraph yesterday: "This is a show that is well placed in ...

Geminid meteor shower may still be visible over UK
BBC News
Thursday night saw the annual Geminid meteor shower, which peaked in the early hours of Friday morning. Stargazers around the world have been looking skywards to see the light show, but the cloudy British weather spoiled the view for many here.

Brilliant Geminid Meteor Shower Peaks Tonight
Yahoo! News (blog)
A new and as-yet unnamed meteor shower may also make an appearance tonight, ramping up the celestial display even further. "Meteors from the new shower (if any) will be visible in the early evening, with the Geminids making their appearance later on ...

NASA providing live video of Geminid meteor shower
From 10 p.m. CST Thursday to 2 a.m. Friday, you can look up in the sky to see the meteor shower. If you're not having any luck from your back yard, NASA Television will air live video from its camera at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville ...

NASA VIDEO: Geminid meteor shower lights up sky with shooting stars
Once a year in December, earth travels through a debris cloud. As the specks of dust and rock hit the atmosphere, they create bright streaks across the sky called shooting stars. Star-gazers could expect to see 80 to 120 stars per hour, according to NASA.

Geminid meteor shower live video, schedule: Missed Thursday's stellar show ...
... shower live video, schedule: Missed Thursday's stellar show? It's not finished yet. meteor_shower_20121018065246_JPG. The Geminid meteor shower lit up the skies Thursday night, but if you missed it, you may have another shot to catch a glimpse.

Starry, Starry Night: Watch Geminid Meteor Shower's Crazy Celestial Show
HUNTSVILLE- Every year around this time in December the real Christmas lights, aka the Geminid meteors, come out to light up the night sky. The BBC explains that the celestial shower occurs as the Earth passes through the path of an asteroid called ...

Stargazers attempt to catch glimpse of Geminid meteor shower | Scotland | News ...
Stargazers across Scotland have been watching the night sky this week in an attempt to catch a glimpse of a meteor shower. The annual Geminid shower peaked on Thursday night into the early hours of Friday, with tens of meteors potentially visible. In ...

A New Meteor Shower in December? - NASA Science
Forecasters say a stream of meteoroids from Comet Wirtanen could cut across Earth's path this week, creating a new meteor shower in mid-December.

Stunning Geminid Meteor Shower Wows Skywatchers: Photos
The annual Geminid meteor shower peaked overnight last night (Dec. 13), dazzling skywatchers around the world with a bounty of brilliant shooting stars. The Geminids' peak was supposed to be good this year, as it occurred in a sky left dark by the new ...

Geminids Rain Down Shooting Stars
Slate Magazine (blog)
Chumack says the meteor causing the brightest streak was as bright as Jupiter, and you can see from the photo that it must have flared at least once as it moved across the sky. A second brightmeteor traveled down Orion's side, and third fainter one ...

Geminid Meteor Shower Peaks Tonight
Universe Today
The Geminid Meteor Shower is underway, with the peak on December 13th and 14th! SpaceWeather.com is reporting that international observers are counting as many as 50 meteors per hour as Earth plunges into a stream of debris from rock comet 3200 ...

Spectacular Geminid meteor shower sweeps across Northern hemisphere
The annual Geminid meteor shower lit up the sky across the Northern hemisphere, as hundreds of fireballs and shooting stars fell overnight into Friday morning. Usually this dazzling phenomenon, which has been seen every year since 1838, lasts for a ...

The last meteor shower of the year hits Bay Area tonight
San Jose Mercury News
The Geminid meteor shower will rain down on the Bay Area late Thursday night through Friday morning, with anywhere from 80 to 120 meteors per hour shooting across the winter sky during peak viewing time, according to NASA. Peak hours are between ...

Tonight! Geminid meteor show, moving at 80 stars per hour - latimes.com
Los Angeles Times
Got plans Thursday night? Cancel them. You have some sky-watching to do. The Geminid meteorshower is expected to peak late Thursday evening into Friday morning, and you don't want to miss it. Scientists say it is going to be the best meteor shower of ...

Aurora sets stage for meteor show - PhotoBlog
NBCNews.com (blog)
Tonight is prime time for the Geminid meteor shower, but there's another kind of spectacle that skywatchers are seeing up north: auroral displays in the Christmas colors of green and red. The green glow you see above was captured on camera last week by ...

Geminid Meteor Shower Brings Shooting Stars
Sky News
Stargazers have been looking up to the heavens for a glimpse of a meteor shower in the night sky. The spectacle was expected to peak at 11.30pm in the UK on Thursday night. Tens of "shooting stars" were to streak across the sky each hour but would only ...

Raining from the heavens: Annual Geminid shower peaks tonight as up to 30 ...
Daily Mail
Staring up into a starry night sky on any clear night is a rewarding experience, but tonight, they will be the most vivid. The Geminid meteor shower, which peaks the nights of December 13 and 14, happen each year as the Earth travels through debris ...

Geminid Meteor Shower 2012: Where to Best View and How to Watch Online
International Business Times AU
Around 60 to 120 meteors will be seen lighting the dark skies during the Geminidmeteor shower peak. The best view would be some place with a wide open sky away from the city lights. "With no moon to ruin the show, 2012 presents a most favorable year ...

C.O. clouds threaten to hide big meteor show | News - Home
Plans to bundle up under a warm blanket with a cup of hot cocoa, far away from city light pollution, to watch a dazzling meteor shower, may be affected by clouds moving into Central Oregon overnight.

Geminid meteor shower peaks tonight | Blogs - Home
KPRC Houston (blog)
The Geminids are one of the more reliable meteor showers and that's good news for us. We can expect to see dozens of meteors per hour, and the new Moon will not interfere with the view. It will be chilly tonight, in the 50s, so make sure you are warm...

Geminid Meteor Shower Should Be A Great Show Thursday Night
CBS Local
BOSTON (CBS) – We are in for a special treat Thursday night. The Geminid MeteorShower is set to peak overnight, and is generally regarded as one of the best meteorshowers of the year. Beginning around 10 p.m. and lasting until dawn on Friday, you can ..

2012 THE Year of Meteors!

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