08 December 2012

Texas Fireball Meteor 07DEC2012 with Sonics!

Texas Fireball Meteor ~06:43 am CST 07DEC2012 with Sonics!
- Great candidate for a meteorite dropper!!!

Posted on YouTube by Odalis Sanchez 22MAR2013
Car dashcam video taken from coords 32.9809, -97.0375
--she tried to pass in off as another event in NE States 22MAR2013

If you witnessed this event we need your report; thank you!!
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Initial Reports:

07DEC2012 Martha Liebrum Houston 6:45 a.m. 4 seconds? Northeast to West Multi streaming colors, huge bright Same as moon Not that I saw Light attracted my attention...

07DEC2012 Jamie League City, TX, USA 6:41:00 3 seconds W-E, traveling North bright green, larger than a shooting star brighter than Venus, no It looked like a very bright firework, long streak in the sky.

07DEC2012 Corie Irving, TX 643 5-7 sec E/SE Bright Sun yes. In the very early dawn sky I saw a bright contrail with a dark gap in the sky followed by a bright ball of light, all of which quickly disappeared.
07DEC2012 Jim Dallas Texas 6:45 CST 5 sec SE Bright streak looked like rocket trail still breaking up less than 100 yards from ground. Traveling at extreme rate of speed Venus Yes I will be very surprised if a business or home wasn't hit. Fell in very populated area

07DEC2012 Martin Mueller Richardson, TX, USA 645 4 seconds max Left to Right, Facing South White, in car no sound Sun Yes Very fast and Bright, discintegrating

07DEC2012 Robert Irving, Texas 06:40 AM CST 2 seconds? Left to Right. Facing South. Neon Greenish Blue rather bright. Moon-brightness no fragments Greenish-blue neon trail. Approximate angle of descent 60 degrees from left to right while facing south. Trail was rather thick. Seemed close to my location, but that was probably an optical illusion.

07DEC2012 Mike Dallas, TX 6:40am CT 5 Seconds South Bright Flash Very bright flash - like a large flash on a camera Don't think so I was heading SW on Hwy 121 and looked to my south near the Coppell/Grapevine/DFW Airport area.  There was a flash that filled the sky and then a streak of red/orange fire that was very thick and then dissappeared close to horizon.  It almost looked like the fire and flash was over DFW airport, but I think it was further south.

07DEC2012 Sara Seabrook, TX 640 Less than one second N-E to N-W. I was facing N-W The sun was coming up and made it appear orange/pinkish. Did not hear a sound as I was driving in my truck with the radio on. Lit up the sky for a split second No I've seen meteors fall to the ground before, as an eye witness and on videos. This one had no trail while entering the atmosphere. It was already close to earth when it appeared and it happened in just a split second and lit up the whole sky in front of me. If I would have blinked, I would have missed it. I've never seen one travel that fast.

07DEC2012 Daniel Stone houston 645 5 seconds East to West, 20% of sky Yellow and Green, explosion and flash of white light brighter than the sun at explosion, brighter than the moon throughout could not see was beautiful!

07DEC2012 ryan bence houston,TX 0645am 3 sec west bound fireball sun N/A greensish tail then created a blue/green flash in the sky
07DEC2012 texmex galveston,tx 6:35:00 10sec northwest green and blue sun yes it just lit the whole sky up..really bright

07DEC2012 Cheryl Sulphur, LA 70663 6:45:00 10-15 sec. W-SW; I was facing west tail was greenish and had a bright white ball at the end moon none that I could see I was traveling in my car, pulling out of my drive way when I saw it streak across. I thought it was a fireworks at first and realized it was going the opposite direction!

07DEC2012 Nicole Wlodarczyk Little Elm, TX, US 0642 CST 2 sec East to SouthEast large long white tail, with a VERY  large blue-green color burst to end of event just a bit less than a full moon unknown This was the largest I have seen, fragments may remain

07DEC2012 Ellen Hearn Haskell, Texas, USA 6:45:00 2-3 seconds N-S facing East Brilliant Neon Green Moon bright enough to show as it passed behind clouds Giant neon green ball with same color tail, driving east with Venus in front of me the ball moved from the north to the south
07DEC2012 Emily Houston, Texas, USA 0645 Central time <5 to 10 sec unknown Blue/Green flash of light, then a fireball in the sky maybe as bright as moon, more comparable to an power line transformer explosion unknown none

07DEC2012 Andy Nall Pearland Texas, USA 6:37 a.m. 1.5-2 seconds start due notht, traveling southwest huge green flash of light that cast shadows on the ground more than the moom, but not as much as the sun the tail The green light was so bright that it casts shadows of myself and the trees around me.
07DEC2012 Matthew Schwartz Richmond, TX, USA 06:40 Central Time 1 second United States Bright Green Same as lightning No Power outage in my office, probably related.

07DEC2012 Kim SUGAR LAND, TX 06:44 CST 5 sec meteor was traveling E-W; I was driving toward NE I didn't see the actual explosion as I was driving and it occurred off my left shoulder.  My car light up like someone took a flash photo inside and when I looked out the car window I saw renmants of the explosion and the meteor contrail.  The explosion site was orange/yellow and the contrail was yellow/blue. extremely bright.  It was dark outside and light up the interior of my car like flash photo would. didn't notice any fragments Since it was dark outside, I don't know how close to the ground it was.  But because of the light given off from the explosion, I would venture to guess it was closer than normal.

07DEC2012 Jeanne Zimmer Wylie, Texas 6:40 (approx.) 2 sec. right to left White/turned green very bright did not see any neighbors walking saw it too.

07DEC2012 Jason Psutka Mansfield, TX 640 5 sec Southern Sky: Top right to bottom left Orange, yellow with blue moon no Solid streak with substancial afterglow lasting 3 sec.

07DEC2012 Dean Dawson The Colony,TX 6:45ish  Central 2 seconds Traveling South, saw what looked a couple hundred feet up traveling downward from east to west bright white flash , then a trail lightning bright n/a n/a

07DEC2012 Wendy Carey CARROLLTON, TX, UNITED STATES 06:45 CST About 7 seconds E-W It looked almost like a firecracker that never exploded, just fell. It was a blue with some yellow traces. It was pretty bright, not quite as bright as the sun but brighter than the moon I could see a small trail of smoke and possibly a few pieces falling off. It seemed to be very low in the sky.

07DEC2012 Eric Janney Grapevine, TX 0655 CST 1 sec Traveling on US 121 south bound toward DFW airport.  Event appeared SSE of my location. Bright green burst fading to white with a flash of white at the end sun no The even was bright enough to light up the night sky in a bright green for it's duration with a flash of white at the end

07DEC2012 Tamera Johnson County, TX, USA 645 6sec North to South in Eastern sky Red fire ball, with a bluish green long tail bright as the venus yes, fragments following behind it was awesome!

07DEC2012 Sharron Murphree Azle, TX USA 6:50 am CST 10 sec SW high in sky traveling to the SW horizon bright blue flash and then an orange trail very bright, brighter than Venus no like a brilliant firework exploding

07DEC2012 Tommy Hamilton Houston, Texas USA Central Time 6:45am 10 sec N-W Right to Left blue and orange moon no http://i50.tinypic.com/fa3h8g.jpg

07DEC2012 Natasha Bounds Spring/ Houston , Texas , USA 6:45 (am) central 5-10sec E-W(or NW) Bright blue and green flash across the sky. Very bright! Reminded me of when a transformer blows! I didn't see any but it doen't mean there weren't any Some poele have discribes seeing a fireball but I would not have discribed it as such.

07DEC2012 Joe G Carrolton, TX USA 0700 Central Time Zone USA I would say maybe 5 seconds. From North to South.  I was facing South. I saw some white and possibly some blue.  I was not sure if the blue was from daybreak or from the actual meteorite.  I did not hear anything as my car window was closed and music playing. I would say same as the moon. None that I could see. This thing was very wide and it appeared to be very close.  It also appeared to have slowed down when it entered our atmosphere then proceeded with the free fall.  2 other friends confirmed that they saw it, too.

07DEC2012 D Perkins Rowlett, Texas 6:45 am Central time zone 1 second SE-S Falling toward earth White-orange Very bright to dark Seemed to disintegrate as it fell Also observed by other passenger in car.  Very bright flame like appearance

07DEC2012 Cynthia Albert Rhome Texas 6:43:00 6seconds nw of where my son and I were standing.Looked like it came down in Justin Tx from my house                                                                                                         sw direction                             Beautiful white glow with gren and blue huge!! Weird (wooshing?) sound Brighter then then sun looked like it Reported to Fox 4 new's Alot of other people seen it also one reported from Colorado.Looked Super Close!

07DEC2012 Leah Clearlake, Texas 645 3 seconds facing North it traveled from right to left yellow, orange, blue Very bright looked like there was I've never seen anything like it! The tail on it was very long and bright. Traveled very fast! Coolest thing i have ever witnessed!

07DEC2012 Cynthia Albert Rhome Texas 6:43:00 6seconds nw of where my son and I were standing.Looked like it came down in Justin Tx from my house                                                                                                         sw direction                             Beautiful white glow with gren and blue huge!! Weird (wooshing?) sound Brighter then then sun looked like it Reported to Fox 4 new's Alot of other people seen it also one reported from Colorado.Looked Super Close!

07DEC2013 Julie Doucet ORANGE, TEXAS USA 6:40 am cst Very short, maybe a full second. I was facing East. It went from right to left in a downward direction No audible sounds. Ball was orange with a bright blue tail Very bright. The sun was up but it wad very foggy out and the meteor lit up the sky around it No We did not get a picture but it wad byfar one of the coolest things I have ever seen. And it was a major plus that I got to see it with my 5 year old son.

07DEC2012 Kristy Fort Worth, Texas, USA 06:40:00 CST 10 sec West Green Sun, it was very bright No It was very green and bright. The center was large and dark. The exterior of the object was white then turning green and left a green tail. It was like it was on fire.

07DEC2012 Sue Moore McKinney TX 6:45 Central 2-3 seconds NE-SW Bright white fireball with tail Extremely bright No fragmentation Seemed to appear out of nowhere, large bright fireball with tail, then totally disappeared

07DEC2012 Bobby Iowas Colony, TX USA 6:34:00 2 Facing West by Northwest Double green flash resembled lightning unknown I saw a bright green double flash.  I thought it was lightning at first.

07DEC2012 Bill Killgore Frisco, TX United States 06:42 am CST 2 or 3 seconds N to S  Facing South Very large bright white ball trailed by bright stream of light Venus light or parts were falling off It looked to be extremely large

07DEC2012 J Lindstrom Lewisville, TX 630 2 United States
Yellow/Green Moon Yes It was from north heading south, from about 80 degrees to 55 degrees of my left side of the horizon while driving to work.

For All sighting reports see:

Fireball over Lewisville, TX - 12/7/12
At 6:40am on 12/7/12, I saw a large fireball over lewisville, TX. The fireball was clearly going straight down and went in front of my field of view for about 4 seconds. I was driving south of I-35 near Lewisville water tower and the fireball landed very close by. The fireball was incredibily bright blue and made a very loud sound as it passed back. Just before hittting the ground, the light disappeared and there was large pop. Several of my co-workers saw the same thing from road 2499 which was several miles south of my location.
Stephen McKeever
University of North Texas  Thank you Stephen!

2012 THE Year of Meteors!

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I was at a red light and looked up to my left and saw it ..... 2 sec.. looked like orange smoke and disappeared fast...