13 December 2012

MD VA WV Fireball Meteor 13DEC2012

MD VA WV Fireball Meteor ~06:35 EST 13DEC2012

13DEC2012 Millie Schaefer Hunt Valley, MD, USA 06:35 AM EST 3 seconds W-E (right to left), I was facing south green, orange, white moon not seen looked like a ball of fire

13DEC2012 Michael Esposito Washington, DC USA 0635 EST 2 Seconds SSE - Right to Left - Facing South White, Blue, Orange Much bighter than Venus - like a comet No Largest I've ever seen

13DEC2012 Robert Odom FT. MEADE, MD 0635 / EST 3 Seconds SW to SE Bright White Moon No Lit up the sky and clouds

13DEC2012 Wanda Pamplin VA USA 6:23:00 15 sec NE Green/Blue Very bright Don't know At first I thought it was some type of fireworks, I was on my way to work.

13DEC2012 Mike Riviello Charles Town, WV, USA 635 3 - 4 seconds Right to Left facing South/Southeast Bright white with purple/orange plume Brighter than the full moon No Completely unexpected.  Very cool to see.

2012 THE Year of Meteors!

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Unknown said...

Over Memphis, Tenn. a lil past midnight a really bright light fell from the sky really fast, funny thing its path changed before it hit the ground.It made a swoop then it was gone