28 January 2012

Breaking News -Here Comes Asteroid 433 Eros Passing Near Earth 27/28/29/30/31JAN2012

Breaking News- NEA (Near Earth Asteroid) Asteroid 433 Eros Passing Near Earth 27/28/29/30/31JAN2012 -
No danger near future!

433 Eros is a near-Earth asteroid (NEA) discovered in 1898, and the first asteroid to be orbited by a probe (in 2000). It is an S-type asteroid approximately 34.4×11.2×11.2 km in size, the second-largest NEA after 1036 Ganymed, and belongs to the Amor group.
Eros is a Mars-crosser asteroid, the first known to come within the orbit of Mars. Objects in such an orbit can remain there for only a few hundred million years before the orbit is perturbed by gravitational interactions. Dynamical integrations suggest that Eros may evolve into an Earth-crosser within as short an interval as 2 million years, and has a roughly 50% chance of doing so over a time scale of 108–109 years.[4] It is a potential Earth impactor,[4] believed to be larger than the impactor that created the Chicxulub Crater that led to the extinction of the dinosaurs.[5]
Wikipedia Entry for all of their entry:
1 LD = Lunar Distance = ~384,000 kilometers
433 Eros 2012-Jan-310.178769.5 LD17 km Dia.11.25.95
Source: NASA/JPL http://neo.jpl.nasa.gov/ca/

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