12 January 2012

MBIQ Indicates Montana, Washington, B.C. Meteor Fireball 11JAN2012

MBIQ (Meteor Bot Internet Query) Indicates Montana, Oregon Meteor Fireball ~19:50 MST 11JAN2012
Data indicates that this may have been seen also in Alberta, Canada.

11JAN2012 Mike Helena MT 1950 MST 3-5 seconds ESE-WNW Green turning white in fireball brighter than moon or Venus none observed Observed while driving westerly on cloudless evening; arcing downward so ruled out fireworks due to trajectory; disappeared behind mountainous horizon

11Jan2012 Gary lockhart Port Angeles, WA USA 2145 2 SSE-NNW Brilant White light moon none streak then ball flare.  Appreared to burn up over northern British Columbia, Canada

1/11/2012 Jessica Macgregor East Sooke, Sooke British Columbia,Canada 21:40:00 5 to 10 sec Came from behind me  south and went down in front north in the bay Started off white like shooting star then the head got bigger and the tail was white moving to the head was bright orange with red like a little fire ball with a long tail and green just b4 it disappeared  was beautiful Brighter then the moon No As it got closer to the water got bigger and brighter and then it was gone no noise at first I thought it was a shooting star but the way it fell and how bright it was was like nothing I've ever seen

11jan2012   gary maccormack victoria bc canada 21:43:00 2 sec sw-ne very large brighter not apparent at first i thought it might be a flare but it was moving much too fast

1/11/2012 Hilary Canty Olga, Washington, USA 21:45:00 5 seconds NW, direct drop Bright white center, orange flame like surrounding Moon Looked whole and on fire Sure was a wild sighting and made the dog walk memorable!

1/11/2012 Erica Seattle Wa., USA 21:40, Pacific 2 sec Northwest, and fell straight down Blue green very bright none none

1/11/2012 Diana Port Angeles, WA USA 21:30:00 3-5 seconds straight downward trajectory Heard a loud roar, then from my living room window, saw a huge white ball of light falling straight down toward the Straight of Juan De Fuca, about a mile from my home on a hill above town.   As bright or brighter than the moon and looked from the distance about half the size of the moon Only saw the huge bright light then it fell out of view behind trees. I don't know if the huge roaring sound just before that was connected, although I opened my door and there were no planes in the sky, then right after that I saw the meteor.

1/11/2012 Brooke Whiterock/South Surrey, BC 21:49 pst Maybe 5 - 10 seconds by the time I was asking the rest of the people with me if they were seeing it or saw it it was done It came from behind me over my head in a Northwest direction No sounds  it was bright white and than seemed to get brighter and than disappear As bright as a sparkler Yes as it passed over my head it looked like sparks were flying of the tail of it It was the most coolest thing I have ever seen

11JAN2012 Maureen Medford, OR USA  19:00 PST 3-5 seconds E - W  White/Green color, sparkled in a line Bright as the moon No Moved too quick to get a pic

We need your sighting reports to confirm this meteor event; thank you.

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Any other sighting reports? Please report: Date and Time of event? Location name (town,city) where you were when saw the meteor? Start and Stop location in sky? Direction of movement? Duration of Event (seconds)? Brightness ( in comparison with Venus, Moon, Sun) color, sounds? Photos? Videos? See the Report Button at the top sidebar. Your reports make it possible for all to check what they saw as well. Thank you!
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