17 January 2012

Breaking News - Caribbean Meteor News -Puerto Rico, Aruba, Curacao, Jamaica, Dominican Republic Meteor Fireball 16JAN2012

Breaking News - Caribbean Meteor News - Jamaica, Aruba, Curacao, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico Meteor Fireball 16JAN2012
MBIQ has indicated that a Fireball Meteor was widely seen in the Caribbean (~20:00 Puerto Rico Local Time) 16JAN2012.
Caribbean Meteor Fireball 16JAN2012
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16JAN2012 LAETICIA CURTIN WILLEMSTAD, CURACAO 19:50 EST 3 to 4 sec W-E left to right GREEN flying beam with sparkles, at first I thaught it was fireworks.. bright green, like sun brightness sparkles it was night time could not see anything fall off. Aamazing! Unfortunately too late to capture it

16JAN2012 Frenis Rincon, Puerto Rico 20:00 AST Approx. 10 sec. N-S Bright green Much brighter than other objects in the sky Very long trailing debris field Both my wife & I saw the object, we thought it might have been falling space debris.

16JAN2012 Raul lopez Aguadilla, Puerto Rico 8:05 pm atlantic (1hr after EST) About 10 min. South West Very bright green Several times brighter than Venus, like a bright flare venus. Did not see fragments Very low in the sky, disappeared over the horizon

16JAN2012 ultraviolet Rincon, Puerto Rico 8:15PM GMT 7 sec North East Blue Green w/trailing yellow red Sun not sure Beautiful Sight

16JAN2012 Capt. Richard J. Wittig Sr. Palmas del Mar, Puerto Rico 2005 4 - 5 seconds S.SE White going into Green and then Blue white twice as bright as Jupiter, brighter towards the earth possibly towards the hills from my spospective Wow

16JAN2012 Martin Saez Osma, Edo. Vargas, Venezuela GMT-430 1830 2-3 seconds E-W Color green, no sound very bright there was a fragmentation of the tale like little points It was awesome

16JAN2012 Marcos Bislip astronomer San Nicolas, Aruba 8 pm AST 20 seconds E-W green very bright none none

16JAN2012 Ghislaine Francisco Aruba 20:06:00 8 sec Heading North Green/ No sound Venus No Looked like Fireworks

16JAN2012 Albert Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, PR 20:06/Atlantic Time Zone 7 seconds N-S Green Very brigth No Look like green fire.

16JAN2012 Hiljan Christiaan Willemstad, Curacao 20:05:00 6 Netherlands Antilles green venus  yes single big green object, blistering into smaller tail

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