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Breaking News - NM AZ CO TX CA Bolide Meteor Fireball 31DEC2011

Breaking News - NM AZ CO Bolide Meteor Fireball  approximately 8:15 pm MST 31DEC2011

Meteor Sighting Reports for NM AZ CO TX CA Bolide Meteor Fireball 31DEC2011
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NM; AZ (Phoenix);CO Bolide Meteor Fireball -New Year's Eve 2011

Uploaded to YouTube by  2011/12/31 319 views

Phoenix AZDashboard Cam Footage Meteor 12-31-2011 8:16PM -

Uploaded to YouTube by  2011/12/31 300 views
This is footage from my dashboard cam that caught the meteor flying over Phoenix AZ on New Years Eve Dec 31st 2011. Sorry for the quality, but meh.. at least you see it! I tried to tilt the camera and you can actually see how low it was because it disappears behind a building.

Wonderful turquoise fireball ! - New Mexico
Here are two movie captures that I hastily processed for the sake of
rapid meteor reporting:
4 MB .mp4 Full seventeen second visible meteor trajectory in black and
white. And most of the forward scatter radio reflection. 1 minute
seven second movie.
2 MB movie . mp4 Sentinel all-sky capture ( false color ) which got
the first eight seconds of the visual meteor before reaching the limit
of the capture file.
More processing later. Clear skies, Thomas Ashcraft...NM

Sighting Reports
31Dec2011 Linda Young Santa Fe, New Mexico about 8:15 about 30 sec South to north greenish blue, some red, some gold very bright don't know Travelling parallel to earth. My first thought was UFO then thought it must be someone's firework that didn't quite work right. It was beautiful!!!

31DEC2011 Aaron_D Flagstaff, AZ, USA 20:10+ 10+ seconds SE to N Began as bright Green Near as bright as Moon Not noticed Group of 3 saw the light, spoke w/ police in town 20minutes later and they saw it as well as several others downtown.

12/31/2011 Deb Lenzner between Clayton & Raton, New Mexico USA 8:15 - 8:30 pm MT time 10-15 seconds south to north blue, green, yellow with a tail very bright, like the moon no it was very low in the sky and seemed to travel horizontally. I've never seen one that large. It was beautiful! I lost sight of it when it went behind the near mountains

31DEC2011 Joe & Betty Hawk Sedona, Arizona, USA 2020 MST 10 seconds S-N White Moon+, very bright no fragments seen falling off. It appeard to suddenly burn out at an azimuth of around 80 degrees, it crossed the sky at about 30 degrees above horizontal. one of the two most impressive fire balls that I have ever seen.

31DEC2011 BRIAN SCHUCH ALBUQUERQUE, NM, USA 20:15 MST (8:15 pm) Emerged instantly over mountains SE of Albuquerque and crossed entire sky in less than 2 seconds. Altitude seemed lower than numerous jetliners we had been observing. SE-NW MULTI-COLORED, BLUE/PURPLE PREDOMINANT, super-fast, super-bright (much brighter than the very bright half moon, no sound. Much brighter than the moon; bright as the sun, but concentrated into point of light. Could see nothing falling off. It was extremely impressive. I immediately called the police, the FAA , the TV stations (who all claimed that multiple reports were coming in from Los Lunas 40 mi. south of us, and Santa Fe, 65 mi. north.

31Dec 2011 Carol Hilton Duquesne Az 8:15pm Mountain Arizona 10 seconds or more...long enough for others with us to turn around to observe it looking north it traveled east to west The western end was a large green ball with blueish hues as it was dropping behind a mountain. There was a clearly visible long white tail . Brighter than and larger than any planet seen with naked eye. none observed Our location was about 1 mile south of the Fairborn Observatory

12/31/2011 Tim Robertson Fountain Hills, AZ 8;20 6 seconds SE TO NW Bright green orb with light green tail Bright like the moon The next morning we found that there was a large piece of ashalt gouged out Amazing thing to see!!

12/31/2011 Todd Edwards Palo Verde, AZ USA Aprox 8:20 PM Aprox.15 Sec. S-N Orange/Red-turned to bright white Moon No Was camping-Had entire south to north tracking vantage point-very dark as we were well away from city. Initially thought it was misile or experimental ??? Very low trajectory and very fast.When it flared it turned into massive fireball with miles of tail. My buddie in Phoen said he swa it overhead. My perception was from Mexico to just morth of Phoenix.I finally yelled at my party as everyone was facing the campfire (west) and at least ten of them watched the lsat remaining few seconds.

12/31/2011 Huw Jones Greer/AZ, US 20:15 MST 12 sec S-N Yellow, green, blue white fireball Moon brightness No We had just emerged from dinner at 373 Grille in Greer, Arizona, 45 miles east of Pinetop at an elevation of about 8000 ft; we had just unlocked the car in the dark parking lot and an amazing fireball started from the southwest and proceeded at about 45 degrees from the horizon and continud fro at leat 10 ful seconds until it faded into the northeast. This was no minor meteor shower, but a full-on fireball. I thought it might have been a pice of space junk burning up on re-entry.

31 Dec2011 Worthington Smelser, Kathrine Smelser and Jonathan Smelser Cuba New Mexico, USA six miles south of Cuba New Mexico on the west side of US Highway 550 1218 Mountain Time 20 seconds South to North,then stopped mid air and traveled west We were headed south bound on US Highway 550. The first split second of the sighting the object appeared as just a round white light at two o'clock, then immediately the white light transformed into an object approaching the ground with a large green,blue, red, yellow, white tail streaming back at eye level next to our moving truck at 3 o'clock. Then it hovered and a few seconds and headed west and disappeared. We heard no sound from the sighting. moon It was dark and we didn't investigate the physical area. We have never seen anything like this before and we found it frightening.

31DEC2011 Sutton Phoenix Mountain Preserve, PHOENIX, ARIZONA 20:15 MST observed for about 12-15 sec. South to North Green/Blue Green with yellow core and tail About equivalent to fireworks display viewed from half a mile. No fragments, but colored stringers from back of core. The angle of entry was extremely low. During the observation period, it appeared almost flat. Ten people shared the observation in the course of a New Year's celebration in the Phoenix Mountain Preserve with the closest source of artificial light about a mile away.

12/31/2011 Trap Scottsdale, AZ 20:15:00 10 seconds traveling north white then blueish green burn up very bright Maybe wow

12/31/2011 Mary Wickenburg, AZ. 20:50:00 10-15 sec. NW R-L Bright Green, Very little tail stop light green, a little brighter no Seemed very low, lower than hill range, flying in straight line as riverbed

31DEC2011 Susie Salmon Blythe, California 1900 PST 15 sec S-N green with lighter tail. no sound. relatively bright did not notice fragments heading east on I-10. traveled from south and disappeared behind hill. very green with some yellow towards the front.

31DEC2011 Lisa Payne Benson, AZ - 10 miles east of 19:15 (I think...not sure of local time) 10 sec South to north Started like a white star/planet size, then turned red with some tail, then got really bright and turned blue-green Moon No Extremely bright and more colorful than I would have expected. It was really dark where we were and 5 of the 6 of us in the car saw it.

31DEC2011 Sharon Tucson,AZ 2015 Bright white then changed to green Southeast to West At 1st looked orange, then changed to white and finall to green before it disappeared Brighter then moon No, but very long, large tail Outside with 4 people, 1st to see it said it was orange. We all looked went to white then to green. Just above horizon, saw it for about 15-20 sec. When it went out of sight appeared to be just north of us & fell into housing development it appeared so close & so big.


12/12/2011 RRM Tucson, Arizona, United States 2012 14 seconds south to north Yellow, Blue, Green brighter than moon, less then sun none observed Unusually large object with long tail. The flight was amazingly long without sound. The arc of the flight was seemingly flat. The size of the object from my vantage point was approximately close to 50 percent of a full moon.

12/31/2011 Tom Mahon Casa Grande, AZ, U.S.A. 20:20 approx. 6 sec. south to north very bright green brighter than moon no visible tail Former weather observer USAF. Have never seen anything that bright or appearing to move that slow. Thought at first it might be New Years fireworks. Flight path low and horizontal.

12/31/2011 Nancy C Phoenix, Arizona 20:15:00 10-15 seconds It was moving from the South to the North horizontally It was green and very bright, almost a glow. There was no sound and there was a tail. It was about as bright as the moon There were no pieces coming off. Not one of us in our group have ever seen anything like it. Very cool!

31DEC2011 Sally Gonzalez Rio Verde, Arizona, USA 20:15 MST 2 seconds in my field of view, but was sitting indoors looking out a window South to North, very low on the horizon, horizontal flight Bright green fireball with white around the edges; long white tail Brighter than the moon No fragments observed It was very large and very bright. I was sitting inside in a fully lighted room looking outside through a large window and saw it streaking by. The head seemed about half the size of the full moon and the tail was maybe 10 times as long as the head and tapered to a fine point.

12/31/2011 Mike dove creek, co 2015 mst 10-15 sec e to w bright bright green w orange tail tail brighter than moon no looked very low and traveled parallel to ground moving very slow. Looked so close!

31DEC2011 Dillon Snyder Sierra Vista, AZ, USA Between 8-9 pm 5-10 seconds Right to left when facing due north Yellow with long orange tail Brighter than the moon No. Out in the yard with family. Saw slow moving object that looked like a comet, was so bright and low in sky that we thought it might be some firework. Absolutely amazing sight. Longest tail I've ever seen, that died off right before it left our field of view.

31DEC2011 Heather Snow Durango,CO,USA 2030 MT about 8-9 seconds east to west/horizontal round blue light with amazing trail of colors very bright no this was no falling star..meteorite?

12/31/2011 Dan Willhite Catalina, AZ USA 20:15 Mountain zone 4-5 seconds E-W; R-L White to start, orange to green and a long tail eventually yellow brighter than the moon, very intense, no fragments My wife and I witnessed it while on a dark dirt road in the desert

31DEC2011 Chuck North Scottsdale, Arizona, USA 8:20pm MST 5-6 sec SE-N white/blue brighter than the moon no big fireball, small tail. saw it through window facing east . was able to point it out to my wife and we bothstared at it for a couple seconds and it was lost due to my neighbors house.

31DEC2011 Delaney Dluzansky Tonto Hills, Cave Creek, Arizona USA 2015 5 - 10 seconds Northeastern sky travelling southeast to northwest Blue, white and green -- indoors no sound Bright as the moon but with color No disintegration -- solid mass Mary, Gabriel, Debbie, Connor and Joe were seated in the livingroom watching Cowboys and Aliens when a large, oblong ball of light streaked across our northeast sky outside the window. None of us had ever seen anything that large in the night sky before. Perhaps a once in a lifetime occurence. What a way to start the 2012 New Year!!

31DEC2011 Beverly Zimmerman Florence AZ 20:15:00 8-10 seconds Right to Left White ti Red to Green As Bright as the Moon No Fragmentation Most Amazing and Largest Thing I Have ever seen iin the sky turned green as it passed.

31DEC2011 Erin Sandstrom Boulder CO, USA 20:15-20 MST 3 to 5 secs SW Left to Right angling at about 20degrees towards the ground orange white like a flare one piece heading toward downtown Boulder on highway 119 when the bright orangish object fell at a 20 degree angle suddenly flaring out to darkness after 3 to 5 secs

12/31/2011 Amanda Castillo Phoeniz Arizona , USA 8:30 / 9:00 PM 20sec Left to Right going North i saw the fire trail behind it. it got really big and white then as it got smaller it turned green the it was gone almost the same as the moon but a little bit lighter in the back of the fire trail its was really beautiful

31DEC2011 Linda Thayer Mora New Mexico 8:35pm MST 6 seconds Westerly direction, left to right Bright green glow that had a tail burnout Extremely bright as big as the moon There was a sparkle like parts falling off Fabulous, never saw anything quite so green in the sky

31Dec2011 Susan House Mancos, CO USA 20:15 MST 3-5 sec E-W Very large green ball of light in south sky traveling east to west. about the brightness and color of a green traffic light slow decent more horizontal have never seen anything like it

31DEC2011 Stephanie Marsellos Pagosa Springs, CO, USA 8:15pm, MST 15 Sec E-W Yellow, No sound but I was indoors Brighter than moon Non observed I was watching TV when it caught my eye through a window . I knew immediately knew it was NOT fireworks. Very low in the southern sky, moving almost totally horizontally. Kind of disconcerting at first, but very exciting to have witnessed such a rarity.

31Dec2011 Anne Cole Albuquerque, NM 20:10:00 at least 30 seconds Albuquerque N left to right Huge yellow star-like fireball spreading out into a wing-like object then turning blue with a trailing flame tinged with red and green no sound faded away over Corrales at least as bright as the moon no fragments - just burning - thought at first that it was a crashing air plane but quickly decided it was a meteor of some kind I am sixty-seven, have seen many meteors, this it by far the most spectacular celestial event I have ever witnessed.

12/31/2011 Judith Truett Glenwood, New Mexico US MST 8:15pm Short....perhaps 10 sec South to North, approx. Orange fireball, turned green as it disappeared beyond a ridge. turned into large orange fireball...bright No Neighbor observed this as well.

12/31/2011 Kristin Wynne TUCSON 20:15:00 11 sec before mountains blocked view Looking East meteor was travelling N/NW White blue green yellow some red moon no Very beautiful and what a wonderful thing to see on New Years Eve!!!!

12/31/2011 Lou Greco Apachie Junction Arizona 1920hrs Mountain aproximetly 6 seconds It appeared in the east sky traveling south to north at about 20 to 30 degree angle from my line of sight. It was bright white and blue with a bright long tail no noise noticed Brightness was bright enough to light up the east side of the Superstition mountains and see the glow from the west side. As bright as a white sun. None noticed with the naked eye. The most awsome thing I have ever seen. What a great end of the year gift. Wow!!!!

12/31/2011 Brad Van Stone Cave Creek, AZ 20:15 local PST 7 - 8 seconds N-E; N Huge blue and green ball with long blue and green and orange tail Like a star only much bigger. no Size was a dime at arm's legnth.

31Dec2011 Pamela Hanover Cleator, AZ USA 20:15 MST 20-30 seconds South to North, horizontally bright green, then turned bluish green very bright like a green laser not sure the last 10 seconds or so it began to fade, but then got brighter

31Dec2011 Richard Barchfield Kit Peak National Observatory, Tucson, AZ 20:15 MST 18-20 sec ENE - N turquoise blue - No sound Venus None Approximately 20:15 31 Dec 2011 at Kitt Peak National Observatory Roll Roof Observatory - seen by group of fourteen people. Very bright (Venus) turquoise blue with long tail total length - maybe 2 degrees. Duration estimated between 15 -20 seconds. Appeared ENE moving north on a flat trajectory about 25-30 degrees altitude –disappeared in north about 10 degrees altitude. Absolutely amazing - one of best I’ve ever seen in 25 years as professional observer.

31DEC2011 Mark Goodrich GRAND JUNCTION 20:15:00 10sec sse-sw greenish white bright large with short tail somewhat orange maybe a fifth of the moon seemed to stop or leave atmosphere or go behind mountainous terrain Large and bright for a meteor and funny color. Space debris or large meteorite

12/31/2011 Dan Disner Denver, CO 21:00 MDT (approx) 4 - 5 sec E to W on S horizon blue green Venus/Moon long tail low on horizon

12/31/2011 Doug McDow Tucson,Az. 20:15:00 May be 5 seconds S-E to N-W Bright green to blue color Sun Could not see seen by my wife and myself

31DEC2011 Chris Limas Phoenix, AZ 20:30:00 15 Sec South to North Dark Green Bright as the Moon None Dark green llight floating through the air and then it disappeared

31DEC2011 Brett Cherney Gallup, NM, USA 20:18:00 lasted about 7 seconds, before moving out of sight. travelled from southeast to northwest no sound, bright blue/white mesmerizing light. Similar to a full moon as far as brightness no fragments or parts were falling off. 3 people witnessed the bright light in the sky, it was moving horizontally and it appeared to be very low to the earth. It didnt leave a streak or trail behind it. Absolutely amazing sight.

31DEC2011 Alex R and Myoko C Mosca, CO USA 8pm ish 6 seconds United States Green fireball with orange tail bright as fireworks- very colorful no but it was blinking out fading as it crashed to earth happy new year! what a special thing to see.

31Dec2011 Nina Harrison Santa Fe, NM 8;19-20 MST less than 10 sec n brilliant blue green with yellow tail brilliant and low in the night sky no it was amazing

31Dec2011 Chris Stone Tucson, Arizona 20:15:00 10 - 15 seconds in duration Traveled from South to North Large green and white ball with long tail very bright appx. moon brightness did not observe fragments Saw this while driving

31Dec2011 cheryl frech Tucson, AZ (see from Tucson/Ironwood mountains looking east) didn't check, evening after 7pm before 9pm few seconds then looked like it burnt out. South to the North Green, not a lot of tail, straight line. Brighter than Venus and Moon. Did not see any Very green in color, looked like it just disappeared as in burnt out. Fast moving. Very cool

31Dec2011 Bill Kurtz Santa Fe, NM 8:20 PM Mountain 4-6 sec E-W Yellow, Green, some Blue Brighter than moon Very solid head I saw it through a window and had time to point at it, get up from the couch, walk to the window and watch it disappear behind a near by building. It was very large with a clearly defined flaming head. It appeared to move very slowly across my limited viewing angle. Very exciting.

31DEC2011 Jeffery H Phoenix, AZ USA 20:15 MST 5-10 Seconds S-N 35 Bright Green-Blue around a yellow ball. As bright or brighter than the moon! No fragmentation seen. Facing due East 90 degrees when I first sighted the fireball.Stellar magnitude was Magnitude -13 as bright as the full moon. Between 35-40 degrees above the true horizon when it first appeared. Traveling horizontally S to N. Direction I last observed the fireball was NE 40 degrees at approximately 30 degrees above the true horizon. Slight glowing train after the fireball disappeared. Didn't see a terminal flash or fragmentation. There were no concurrent or delayed sounds - with the exception of the simultaneous ringing of church bells before during and after the fireball's debut, which added a surreal and sensational spiritual note to the New Year's Eve sighting.

12/31/2011 Dan and Melissa Surprise, Arizona 20:15:00 20 sec We were driving E on the 303 and saw the meteor going S-N over the 303 green ball with flaming tail brighter than a star and the moon didn't see any It was very cool.

12/31/2011 New Mexico Albuquerque, NM USA 820 PM Unknown. Start East. Moving Westward White starlike ball moving across sky then formed a white tail with yellow/orange. Then tail burned out and bluish white with green aura as it refracted off of the clouds. No sound. Visible smoke trail. Brighter than the moon No fragments. Very bright and clearly visible. Bigger than any falling star i have ever seen before.

12/31/2011 Travis Parkin Albuquerque, NM USA 20:15 MST Lasted 6 to 8 sec. South to Northwest on western horizon Bright lime-green fireball half the size of a full moon. Bright with a tapering tail. Bright as the moon. A few fragments and a long tail. My wife and I saw it as we were driving west on Alameda Blvd. at Wyoming Blvd. in ABQ. We are both in our 60's and NEVER seen anything this big or spectacular. It was 40 to 50 times bigger than any shooting star we have ever seen. Flight path was parallel to the horizon. Amazing!

31dec2011 Cindy Gold canyon ariz 2030 10-20 sec E-W Huge fireball bright neon lightgreen w/long bright tail (10xdiam in length) Brightness sun/size/moon Some went behind superstition Mtn 7people in backyard

12/31/2011 Matt & Nicole Albuquerque, NM USA 8:30 PM Mountain 5-6 sec South to North bright blue to faint red brightness = moon no obvious fragments We had never witnessed a meteor of THIS size & brightness before. It was large, traveled very fast & appeared close to earth. Scary yet amazing!

31dec2011 Kj Hutton tempe, az Around 9 pm 5 -8 seconds then it went out of my view South to north green ball followed by an orange tail not as bright as the sun no it travelled in a straight line. It was low in the sky. We had about 7 witnesses.

12/31/2011 John Zimmerman Palisade, Colorado 8:30pm?? 10 to 20 seconds South to North Small white to very large blue Larger and brighter than the moon No Fragments Closer to impact it became brighter and larger. Driving West on 1-70 towards Grand Junction, Colorado. All cars westbound hit brakes. Meteor landed behind canyon wall with light flash. I expected to see fire/burning however no signs of fire on the ground after traveling further West.

Dec./31/2011 James LeRoy Payson, AZ - USA 8:20 PM Arizona Time. At least 15 seconds. I saw the entire spectacle in clear skys, but low, just clearing the mountain tops. East to NW - Right to Left. Tip White, Plum Blue, Tail Grean. Much brighter than Venus Tail was 6 to 8 Moonths wide, with fragments falling off. I was traveling north on Highway 87 towards Payson, AZ. I began to see the meteor from the passenger window and it continued across the entire front windshield. It wsa the longest and most colorfull meteor I've ever seen. I'll never forget it. My guess is that it was a satellite burning up in re-entry, because of how slow it moved and the amazing colors in the tail. I would ask NASA.

31Dec2011 Devin A. Phoenix, AZ 20:15 MST 10-15 seconds S-N Green Moon No fragments seen streaked across the sky shifting from bright white to deep blue/green

31DEC2011 James Rader Mesa, Arizona, USA 20:15 MST 15-20 seconds Eastern sky (20-30 degrees above horizon) traveling South to North Green head with fairly long green tail 1/2 moon brightness No visible fragments Seen while driving

31DEC2011 Karen Hancock heading east on I-8 between Yuma and Gila Bend AZ between 8 and 8:30pm MST maybe 20 sec E - NW; Right to left White ball, green tail with reddish gold edges Larger and brighter than Venus none visible appeared out of the east, low over the road, heading toward us, then angling to the left as a white tail appeared and grew longer, and wider, green with reddish gold edges. Then the bright head vanished and the tail faded

31DEC2011 Steve Dahlman Montrose, CO 2015 Mountain Standard 5 seconds plus Low on southern horizon; moving east to west First-White head and tail; Changing to green head and orange tail Object was brighter than full moon but did not light up ground Head remained intact; tail was quite long and sparkled As slow as it was would suspect re-entry of man-made object. Very impressive thought with bright green and orange colors and length of flight.greenman-made
12/31/2011 Maria Goodin Durango, CO 20:10 MST 5 to 8 seconds... long! from East to West bright white then green bright as fireworks no fragments to be seen We're curious if this could have been some sort of trick firework, it is New Year's Eve... unbelievably bright. Magical. We would love to hear back if you know something about it!

31DEC2011 Cooper Family Avondale, CO 20:20 MST 10 sec S-SE - N- NE Green with orange tail initially, then tail disappeared Not quite as bright as the moon None noticed Awesome experience

31Dec2011 Beth Esposito Phx AZ USA 20:15:00 10 to 15 seconds South to North Lime, neon, bright green with long white tail bright as the sun no fragments that I saw Beautiful!

31DEC2011 Gary Bodman Albuquerque, NM 20:18MST 7 seconds East to West, horizontal color changed from red to green, very bright, left a long luminous tail behind before burning up West of ABQ tail very bright, as bright as the moon at the phase it is now appeared to be some fragmentation very cool!

31Dec2011 KarenL Angel Fire, NM, USA 20:15:00 10 seconds East to West Green with yellow fire, turquoise tail Very bright, as the moon no Looking south from Angel Fire, saw a bright blue/green ball with yellow fire look around it, disappeared from view behind mountains after 10 seconds

31DEC2011 Lori Paras Ojo Caliente,NM, USA 2015 10-15 sec E to W Bright green/blue Brighter than moon Solid ball with tail I thought it was a plane crashing it was so low in atmosphere

12/31/2011 Flor funez North Phoenix, AZ 20:30:00 7 N Green Moon unsure very scary, want to know what it was. Is the world ending?! Are we being attacked?

12/31/2011 m miller Santa Fe, NM usa 8:15-16 pm mtn time 5-6 sec se to ne sea foam green and white brighter than moon flare with trail i thought it was firework roman candle at first then it kept going horizontal low in horizone as i was driving home from work

31DEC2011 8:20pm Cuyler Diggs Tucson, Arizona 2020 mst 10 to 12 seconds SE to NW Right to Left Green with orange tail very bright like a green LED light had several fragments falling off This is by far the most spectacular meteor I have ever witnessed. I had my wife and a friend with me and they saw it as well and agreed that it was outstanding. This meteor had so much detail and lasted so long. It also looked very large, much bigger than any meteor I've ever seen. I am a televison weather anchor for Fox 11 in Tucson and I mentioned it on the air to see if we could get any viewer reports or photos.

31DEC2011 Holly R Near Bisbee,Arizona, USA 8:20 pm MST More than 10 sec south to north White to green As much as moon Huge tail! Amazing sight- looked like fireworks, saw while driving about 4 miles north of Mexico border

31Dec2011 Lucinda Hereford,Texas USA 21:15 cst slow moving large saw at least 6 seconds sw-ne green,white,blue same as moon no looked like it was nearby

12/31/2011 Cory Durango, CO, USA 19:45 Mountain Standard 15-20 Sec Watched entry into atmosphere. Meteor traveled over the west horizon traveling from E to W. Believed to have traveled N-NW Bright Blue Sun Apeared Solid This was rather intimidating. I have never seen an object this large enter the atmosphere.

31DEC2011 David Marshall Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA 2015 hrs Mountain Time 5 seconds East to West, @ 11o'clock White-Yellow/ Possible impact sound or sonic boom heard Brighter than the moon, big fireball None that we could see. 3 of us saw it, appeared to burn out directly over Alb. NM from our vantage point, just east of there/

31DEC2011 Haig Avedesian Flagstaff, AZ USA 20:15:00 3 sec SE to NE Blueish white moon no moving very fast..S to N

12/31/2011 Esme Arizona 8:23 pm Mountain Time 10 seconds E-W Right to Left Green and Red Same as Moon None None

12/31/2011 bryan hollen carlsbad, nm USA 20:20:00 10 seconds south to north gren, gold, flame very bright no looked large

31Dec2011 Jennifer Lee Mesa, AZ, USA 2215 30 sec e-n green, light, orange moon not sure looked like a comet
31DEC2011 Joseph Encino NM, USA 20:10 GMT 20 sec S-N small blue-green glowing object coming from S going N, it appeared to burst/spark, then became a green-blue color. It formed a rather long tail after the burst. Same as Jupiter not that I could see Observed while driving

31DEC2011 Preston Garrett Peoria,USA 2020 Mountain Standard time 10sec Right To Left Boom...1st-white...2nd-green...3rd-orange moon at the end yes SCARY

12/31/2011 Mark L Chandler, az 20:35:00 8 sec until out of sight South to North white with white tail then tail became green, leading head stayed white same as venus 2-3 parts fell off larger track.. Witnessed by 4 people sitting outside

31DEC2011 Jyoti Sedona, AZ USA 20:15 Mountain 10 seconds S-N White Green 1/3 size of a full moon, about as bright Several feet of tail Moving horizontally across the lower sky. I was able to see it through the window while sitting in my living room

31dec2011 hugh sorrells jerome, arizona united states 8:18 p.m. arizona time 3 sec eastern sky right to left bright green brighter than venus no object brightness was consitent with a long orange fire like tail

31DEC2011 Linda Mesa, AZ 2045 AZ standard time 5-10 sec. South to North, traveling horizontally Brilliant green with tail, quiet Neon green, very bright like moon No Seen by 3 people

31/12/2011 Grant Patrick Scottsdale, AZ, USA 2015 7 seconds South to North Green full moon none seen Green ball approaching ground in northerly direction

12/31/2011 Hendersons Mesa, AZ 20:15 MST 5-7 seconds S-N Green with long trail Very bright (moon) None seen Traveling to the north and disappeared into a cloud

12/31/2011 Frank Mangum Clayton, NM USA 20:34 MST 6 seconds E-W Green ball with sparkly tail Same as the moon No Very impressive long lasting event. It looked like fireworks. My wife and I were looking SW as it shot horizontally through the sky. Eventually it just disappeared, and our jaws were left open.

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