07 January 2012

Mexico Meteorite Fall 3JAN2012 - The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 7JAN2011

Authorities Search for Meteorite that Fell on Northwest Mexico
Latin American Herald Tribune
CULIACAN, Mexico – Mexican authorities are searching for a meteorite that fell to earth in a rural area in the northwestern part of the country, which was sighted in the region but about which there are as yet few details, officials said Friday. ... 

Científicos y la NASA buscan un meteorito que cayó en Sinaloa, México
A team of scientists looking for a meteorite that fell on Wednesday in the state of Sinaloa in northwestern Mexico, confirmed Friday CNNMéxico director Sinaloa Science Center (CCS), Rocío Gómez Labastida. Several locals said they had seen the fall of the stellar object and a helicopter overflight confirmed, seeing burned and broken trees, said Labastida (In Spanish): .http://cnnespanol.cnn.com/2012/01/07/cientificos-y-la-nasa-buscan-un-meteorito-que-cayo-en-sinaloa-mexico/

Meteor quest turns up treasures
msnbc.com (blog)
This photo combines the landscape of the Florida Keys with the flash of a meteor above on the night of Jan. 3-4, at the peak of the Quadrantid meteors. By Alan Boyle January is the perfect time for a road trip to Florida, and if there's a promising ...

Wanted: Meteorites from Mercury
Sky & Telescope
Their numbers suggest that Mercurian meteorites should be roughly one third as common as those from Mars, for which the count now stands at 60. Gladman conservatively suggests that at least a half dozen stones should be lying around somewhere on terra ...