25 November 2011

Belleville, Ontario, Canada Bolide Meteor 24NOV2011

Belleville, Ontario, Canada Bolide Meteor 02:30 am 24NOV2011
I saw this bolide on November 24th, 2011 at 0230 exactly.
I was in the City of Belleville in Ontario, Canada. At the time of the sighting I was traveling northbound on Sidney Street in a car, so I am unsure if there had been any noises or sounds during the sighting.
I have seen quite a few bolides before, as I work nights and am in a car driving all around constantly, but this one was quite alarming as it seemed to be traveling faster than any I have seen before. It was about 30-40 degrees above the horizon directly in front of me as I traveled straight north. The bolide started out at the top left of my view, it remained as what looked like a plane in the sky, a small-ish dot, but larger than a normal plane (Belleville is located 15 minutes away from Trenton, Ontario where our major air base is, there are all kinds of military aircrafts in the air all the time.). I for about half of it's travel distance it remained a tiny, bright light that slowly grew brighter before it burst into a bright cobalt blue shade and seemed to break into at least three, if not five pieces.
The entire thing may have lasted five or eight seconds, it was over quite quickly, though I have seen bolides burn out much quicker than this one did.
As for brightness, while it was still tiny and looked like a plane, it was as bright, or possibly a tiny bit brighter than Venus, but it seemed to lose a lot of the brightness after the initial combustion into the blue flames.
I was unable to take video or pictures of this, though I would suggest looking into the sky cameras Ottawa's Colleges have. I have seen many bolides around Belleville, and they are always captured on the cameras the universities use for study.
All in all, it was pretty darn cool! Forgot to make a wish though, rats. -Emily Thank you Emily!

Any other sighting reports? Please report: Date and Time of event? Location name (town,city) where you were when saw the meteor? Start and Stop location in sky? Direction of movement? Duration of Event (seconds)? Brightness ( in comparison with Venus, Moon, Sun) color, sounds? Photos? Videos? please email LunarMeteoriteHunter@gmail.com Your reports make it possible for all to check what they saw as well. Thank you! 2011 The Year of Meteors!