15 November 2011

Muskö, Sweden Meteor 14NOV2011

Muskö, Sweden Meteor 20:59 14NOV2011
-Petra S  Thank you Petra!  Any more details?

Ljugarn, Gotland, Sweden Bright Green Meteor 21:00 14NOV2011
West sky, moving 30* parrallell to the Earth from south to north.
Green strong light visible 3-5 seconds. It was super cool! /Ragnar  Thank you Ragnar!

Trollhättan, Sweden Meteor 21:01
// Peter Sandblom  Thank you Peter!  Any more details?

Anderstorp, Sweden
Around 21.00 I spotted a bright, green light. It was travelling very fast and was only visible for a couple of seconds.-Emmeline Klingvall, Anderstorp, Sweden  Thank you Emmeline!

Växjö, Sweden
I saw this light yesterday, wasn't sure what it was.
I have seen a meteor before in my life, but since it's also nearing the end of the year, for all I knew it could have been fireworks...
But fireworks are usualy close when you see them, so then I would have heard something. And the strange thing was it only moving verticaly down. (or horizontal in the direction I was looking in, Beeing 10 degrees off East direction.
How do I explain... There is this street running almost perfectly West-East, determaned by the North star. When looking in the East direction, it was about 10 degrees towards the south. So in between East and South-East so to say....
It looked as if it was going perfectly verticaly down. It was bright white. As bright as the moon was yesterday... (we had a clear sky.) We were watching Jupiter for once, since it haddnt been a clear sky for a while, and I just recently got a telescope. So we tried it out. Later on the group moved to an other spot looking at the moon. I was picking up something from a friend of mine. When walking back, I checked my phone for the time immidiatly when i saw it, Though I sort of forgot the time, But it was around 21:30. At least later than 21:22 because I called my friend when i was at his place, because his lights were of, And i diddnt wanne go up 3 stories to knock and find out that he wasn't home.  I was in for perhaps 5 min, went out again, walked back. And then I saw it.
I quickly took a print screen from Google Maps, The red dot beeing me, I live on Campus, And I'm pretty sure about my position at that time, Cause I remember looking at other people that were talking whether they had seen it as well. So therfore I know my position cause of that memory... Also the angle, I saw it go behind the University, But on the part where you're looking at the side of it. So lenghtwise speaking... My appologies for not being able to explain this is the most straight forward English. Comparing to what the other people from, someone from Gotland saw it on the Western sky, that means that It was somewhere between us... To get back to the storie, my friend were watching at the moon when I got back, basically almost in the same diretion as the meteor occurred, but no one has seen in..... It was to the right of the moon and therefore perhaps just out of sight, behind the building I live it. I hope my info is helpful. Good luck to you all and in your search. And thanks for letting me know that what I saw was indeed a meteor :D With Kind Regards, Friso,
International Student at Linnaeus University, Växjö, Sweden, But from The Netherlands.Thank you Friso!

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