25 November 2011

Port Saint Lucie, Florida Meteor 24NOV2011

Port Saint Lucie, Florida Meteor  11:45pm EST 24NOV2011
Hi there, this is my very first time doing this and so I don’t know what to say other then, I saw a last night November 24th 2011 a huge meteor and I have never seen anything like it! It was huge going across the sky and it was big not so bright but there were a lot of clouds. It looked as though it was in the atmosphere not in space and it coming down, looked as though it was going to crash into the ground if that makes any sense.. It has a huge tail... I have only ever seen shooting starts and small ones that are way high up and have a tail but not a huge one like this one had.. I have to admit I am a little freaked out, from what I have read people seem to have seen really big ones that look like what I have described in these past few weeks.. I guess I watch to many movies about meteor's and comets putting the world to an end and that the president knows and wont tell is because of panic.. Thank you for letting me share. freaking out in Florida, -Tonya
Thank you Tonya!

Any other sighting reports? 
Please report: Date and Time of event? Location name (town,city) where you were when saw the meteor? Start and Stop location in sky? Direction of movement? Duration of Event (seconds)? Brightness ( in comparison with Venus, Moon, Sun) color, sounds? Photos? Videos? please email LunarMeteoriteHunter@gmail.com Your reports make it possible for all to check what they saw as well. Thank you! 2011 The Year of Meteors!