12 November 2011

B.C./Calgary, Alberta, Canada Green Meteor 11NOV2011

Calgary, Alberta, Canada Green Meteor 10:25 PM MST 11NOV2011
Just saw your website when I was trying to figure out what I saw tonight.
At 10:25PM MST tonight (11/11/11) I was standing on my apartment balcony when I saw a green streak in the sky. It only lasted about 2 seconds and was West of Calgary, AB, Canada heading in a South to North direction over the Rocky Mountains.
Hope this info helps.-Chris Grimes   Thank you Chris!

Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada Meteor 11.11.11
In Nanaimo, from my east facing window looking over Strait of Georgia I saw the biggest fireball-comet -like-meteor blazing down, at a 45 degree angle coming from high in the sky into (it seemed) the ocean between us and Vancouver. I thought it was very close, but now reading your website it seems like the same fireball that was spotted in Calgary - it was in the eastern sky moving from south to north. This is by far the biggest shooting star I have ever seen, and it made 11.11.11 even more memorable! EAL -Nadia S.  Thank you Nadia!

Calgary, Alberta, Canada Blue/Green Meteor ~10:30 PM 11NOV2011
I found this website when I was attempting to ascertain what I saw the evening of 2011 November 11 at approximately 10:30pm…apparently, it was a meteorite! As with the other posts, I, too, witnessed a blue/green light west of Calgary, Alberta, Canada which was travelling in a south to north direction and lasted only a couple of seconds. I had never seen anything like it before and the closest analogy I could find would be that of a shooting star; however, it was much brighter, closer and a different colour. What a sight to behold!-Jamie  Thank you Jamie!

Cochrane, Alberta, Canada. Meteor ~10:25 MST 11NOV2011
NOV.11, 2011 - at approximately 10:25 p.m. my husband and I were driving along 1a almost at the Morley road turn off when we were witness to a most brilliant display staged by the night sky. There was a full moon slightly obscured by clouds at times.To our suprise and pure delight a jagged white ball against the night sky suddenly appeared and within a fraction of a second a long green tail appeared trailing behind the jagged white ball. This writer also recalls a slight line of yellow on the perimeter of the green tail. Seperate from the end of the tail there was a small irregular dot of yellow. This extraordinary visual appeared to be travelling from north to south and dissappeared seemingly into the very nearby landscape. We wondered outloud if we had seen a comet at the end of its journey or perhaps a meteor. It seemed very close to our car and I said to my husband we almost left this planet in a fiery chariot. Do any astronomers know what we have seen? Bonnie R  Thank you Bonnie!  You saw a fireball meteor.

HWY 1 past Old Banff Coach Road at 10:20 PM 
Hi, I also saw the bright green flash west of Calgary on November 11, 2011. I was driving west on Highway 1 and had just passed Old Banff Coach Road at 10:20 PM when I saw a very bright green flash coming down from the sky in a slightly north to south direction. It was coming down southwest of where I was. I also thought it might be a shooting star, but it was probably 10x brighter and distinctly green. Also, there was a bit of cloud cover that night, so it was bright enough for me to see it through the clouds. An amazing sight! -- Ricardo Cosentino  Thank you Ricardo!

Others see this? Please report:
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