07 October 2011

Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Florida Green Meteor Fireball 6OCT2011

Grayton, Beach FL Meteor ~7:30 pm CST 6OCT2011
We saw a bright emerald green meteor like entity off Grayton, Beach FL at low altitude at a 10 degree descent angle heading approximately to the southwest at a rapid rate at about 7:30 pm CST. -Charles  Thank yo Charles!

Loxley, Alabama Bright Green Meteor ~7:30 CST 6OCT2011
Approximately 7:30 on 10/6 I saw a bright green meteor........at least it appeared to be, traveling from what seemed to be from north to south over Loxley Alabama. It was moving so slow I wasn't sure what it was at first. It may have had a tail, but it was a little over cast. It lasted about 3 seconds and almost resembled the falling debris of a large bright green firework.......except it was moving across the sky and simply went out. Never seen anything like it. -Jason  Thanks Jason!

Dothan, Alabama Meteor time uncertain 6OCT2011
I"m not educated on meteors but I know for sure that is what i saw. Sighting was at 10/06/11 20:48:?? Dothan, Alabama Ive never see anything like it before ever IT was very pretty the brightest blue big with a long tail it lasted for about a second and a half looked like it was going in the west direction. -Justin  Thank you Justin!

Marco Island , FL. Green Meteor ~8:38 pm 6OCT2011
Hi! We just saw a gorgeous meteor!! Very large , started off red / orange with a large tail .. As it got lower it turned green .. Very bright and very slow moving ... By far the most amazing one I have ever seen !! Went from North to South 8:38pm on October 6,2011 fr Marco Island , FL.
-Dana  Thank you Dana!

Lake Mary, Florida Meteor 8:42 pm  6OCT2011
I saw a green fire ball fall from the sky tonight, Oct.6,2011 at 8:42 pm in the Western sky. I live in Lake Mary, FL. At first I thought it was a shooting star but it got brighter as it fell and became a bright green and fell for approx. 25 seconds. The most amazing thing I have ever seen!!
A few more details: it moved from north to south..in an arch formation and look as though it was dropping into our neighborhood that was 2 miles away from where we were in traffic. The street we were driving on has very few lights so the color was vivid and quite beautiful!!! The tail was white. Absolutely stunning! My 12 yr. Old daughter and I began screaming with wonder and amazement!! Judy Gaines  Thank you Judy!

Rockledge, Florida  Green Meteor ~8:41 pm 6OCT2011
We are located in Rockledge florida, approximately 8:41 pm we were heading west on Eyster Blve and saw a green meteor fall through the sky looked like north to south. sorry not more specific - amazing large - pretty much in awe by this. 
- Ava Cortazzo and Heather Murray  Thank you Ava and Heather!

St. Petersburg, FL. Meteor time? 6OCT2011
I just saw what I thought was a shooting star at first, but it was definitely way to close (probably landed a mile or so away). It was this green streak just shooting across my field of view in my backyard. I’m in Coquina Key St. Petersburg, FL. -Brandon  Thank you Brandon!

Venice Beach, FL: 8:40 pm: 10/06/11.
Large green flash, lasted like 5 seconds. Never seen anything like it, I thought it was a plane however there have been no news about crashes, so I'm assuming it was a meteor. -Dani  Thank you Dani!

Driving South from Atlanta, GA on I-85 toward Columbus, GA at 2040 hrs EST
We saw a bright green light with a tail fall from East to West at about a 30 degree angle. We saw it fairly close to the tree line and we lost sight of it in the trees on the other side of the highway. Saw it for maybe 2-3 seconds. It most likely hit the ground. It was as bright as a flare. -Kristian Ogden  
Thank you Kristian!

Sebastopol, Mississippi Bright Green Fireball ~7:30 pm CST 6OCT2011
I was headed south on hwy 487 in Sebastopol Ms, (central ms) at around 7:30pm, 10-06-2011. I saw a very bright green 'fireball' traveling south. It had a very nice long tail that was spewing sparks. It lasted about 4 to 5 seconds. As an avid skywatcher, I can honestly say it was the most beautiful meteor (by far) ive ever seen. Awesome. -Todd  Thank you Todd!

Fayetteville, GA Meteor  ~8:45 on October 6, 2011
Driving in Fayetteville, GA about 8:45 on October 6, 2011, I saw the lowest and brightest falling star I have ever seen! I can't say it was green but it did have a tail. I was headed south and it fell from left to right at about 45 degrees. -Jill Battles  Thank you Jill!

Rosemary Beach, FL
At 7:40PM on 10/06/2011 a large brilliant green meteor appeared from the ENE & headed WSW. It came from the direction of Tallahassee & appears to have crashed into the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Rosemary Beach, FL. This was the largest, most awesome meteor I've ever seen & I'm in my 50's. Probably a once in a lifetime event. The fireball was so bright it reminded my of the flash from an arc welder as it left an after image when I closed my eyes. I was saying goodnight to visitors while looking south & noticed a bright light to the upper left in my peripheral vision. I shouted for everyone to look up. But, only one other person saw it in time (about 10 seconds), and they marveled that it was green without me saying what color it was. It disappeared into the tree line on the horizon over the Gulf.  (Report supplied by MUFON)

Indian Shores, FL Meteor 8:40 p.m. 10/6/11
Saw a green shooting star from inside my home looking out a westward facing sliding glass door. Lasted about 3 seconds. Impressive that it caught my attention from inside with the lights on.
Chris Thank you Chris!

Panama City, Florida Meteor ~7:38 pm 6OCT2011
I was driving into Callaway, FL from Sandy Creek, FL when I noticed a very bright whitish blue huge ball of light over the waters of East Bay/Laird Bayou moving east to west approx. 7:38 p.m. It was the closest I have ever seen a Meteor in my life and I'm 34 yrs old and love to monitor showers but this was absolutely amazing! I thought for a second it was all over; it took me over an hour just to calm down! -Genevieve  Thank you Genevieve!

Tampa, Florida Meteor 6OCT2011
Myself and two freinds saw what seemed to have been a meteor this evening as we were heading south on I-275 approx 1 mile from the Tampa Int Airport exit sometime btween maybe like 8 to 8:30 . We saw a bright bluish green light traveling what appeared to be SW at a low altitude burning for maybe 6-8 seconds very slow speed. Quite impressive for all three of us, here we are hours later still talking about it. -Tom  Thank you Tom!

Roswell, Georgia Meteor October 6th, 2011 at about 8:45 p.m
Thursday, October 6th, 2011 at about 8:45 p.m., Roswell, Georgia USA, Saw a large, green streak through the sky for about 1.5 seconds. Fell west to east at about a 45 degree angle before it disappeared below the tree line. We were facing south towards Atlanta, and it was so large that it looked much closer than it really was. Amazing! -Anne Thank you Anne!

Fort Myers, Fl.
An awesome sight last night (Oct 6th) about 8:45pm in Fort Myers, Fl. -- a large green/mauve colored fireball with an orange tail about three time the length of the meteor itself. Quite close to the horizon on a downward descent, moving from the SE to the NE. Most amazing celestial sighting I've ever seen.-XDowny Thank you X!

St. Petersburg, Florida
My friend and I were walking back to our Historic Kenwood neighborhood from Central Ave. in St. Petersburg and saw a green object go across the sky from the North east to the southwest and it was very large and green. at first we thought maybe a falling star but it moved slower that that and then we waited to see if we could hear a crash but it did not happen. I have never seen anything like this. -Loyd Thank you Loyd!

Orlando, FL sky last night (6 Oct, 2011) around 2035hrs.
I saw an emerald green fireball with tail streak across the Orlando, FL sky last night (6 Oct, 2011) around 2035hrs. It was traveling south west. The duration was about 2 seconds. I was traveling west on University Blvd when the balloon like mass caught my eye perfectly. Sorry - no picture. Awesome sight!!! -Cliff Thank you Cliff!

Orlando, Florida
Seen facing North at the intersection of Avalon Park Blvd and East Hwy 50. Entered FOV from E-SE at ~60 degrees above horizon disappearing over horizon heading W-NW. Bright green color, began sparking at 30 degrees above horizon. Beautiful sight, second one I've seen in a year! -Jonathan Thank you Jonathan!

Evergreen, Alabama
It was remarkable. Green fireball streaking across the night sky Oct 6, at approximately 7:30p.m. CST. Location seen from Evergreen, AL. Traveling from north to south. Spotted by almost 100 band students during Thursday evening band practice. We were winding down when it appeared and the kids began to scream and we all looked up. It seemed to be glowing a very florescent bright green, very large and traveling relatively slow at a 30 degree angle. Beautiful but yet scary. Needless to say band practice ended on that note.
I've seen many falling stars or meteorites over the years but nothing compares to what we witnessed last night. Simply amazing.-
LDavis  Thank you L Davis!

Gainesville, FL. Meteor OCT 6, 2011 ~8:35
Seen from the parking lot west of the Alachua County Courthouse in the middle of the block between S Main Street (east) and SW 1st Street (west) and SW 2nd Ave (north) and SW 3rd Ave (south). [Just leaving after jury duty over!] View was directly North. Meteorite appeared at around 45 degrees above the horizon and followed a steep path (~80 degrees from horizontal) with a slight east to west trajectory. Duration was long enough to alert others, who also clearly saw it, say 4-5 seconds. Color was slightly yellow, nearly white initially, but then became intensely green with associated orange sparks trails. I had the impression that the transition from whitish-yellow to green color was accompanied by a hiatus in intensity, a dimming followed by a rapid intensifying and onset of flaming sparks when it began to glow green. Disappeared at perhaps 15 degrees elevation. I thought for sure it was a strike somewhere to the NNW of Gainesville, maybe in northern Florida-Georgia border region?- R. M. Russo  Thank you Mr. Russo!

Level Plains, Alabama
I was coming home from Montgomery al friday nite , 10/6. Looked out the front window of my car. Bright green meteorite with very long green tail. Beautiful!!!! Lasted 10 seconds. Very near Level Plains Alabama. I believe from south to north. Started out about 45 degrees
in sky -Don  Thanki you Don!

Tampa, Florida
my husband and I were sitting on the back porch @ 8;30 pm october 6th 2011, when we seen a green fireball or some kind of object streak across the sky. there was no sound, and it was so low that I thought it would hit something. it was so fast that we didn't have time for a picture. it was heading west south west. we're still wondering what it was. we've never seen anthing like it before!
sincerly. carolyne wood Thank you Carolyne!

Hoschton, GA
Thank you so much for providing this collection of the Thurs night sitings! I wasn't able to get anyone to believe me until I found your site this morning. That being said...
Thursday October 6th @ about 8:30-8:45 pm,Hoschton GA I watched a very low flying bright green object fall slowly across the sky. It was entirely too low & too large for shooting star! It was
bright green & the tail following was thick, pale yellow, & like someone else mentioned you could see the tail was burning like a firework would burn when falling back to the ground. The object that fell as I said was exceptionally bright, entirely too low to be a star and it was distinctly green not blue or white very bright though.
I watched the very end of the decent I think because the tail, so thick and solid, caught my eye 1st and I still watched it fall from what appeared to be north to south, as I was driving east to west but on a very curvy dark country road. I got to see it only for about 1-1.5 seconds max. Again I was on a dark curvy road so I could not stare for a long time. After a second or so I lost sight of it beyond the tree line. If there's anything more I can provide please let me know & thanks again for sharing all this info! Lisa p  Thank you Lisa!

Saint Cloud, Florida
Sitting on my back porch in St. Cloud, Florida about 8:30, Oct. 6th, 2011; I saw a "huge" green fireball falling from the sky. It was so low and so surprisingly big! I have never seen a "falling star" like this before. I am so glad to see this website and everyone's post. It gave me back a little piece of my mind that I thought I may had lost. I don't know if I dreampt this or not, but; I saw later on the news a brief mentioning of a "Russian something" fell from the sky. Maybe that's what that was?Thanks, Tonya  Thank you Tonya!

Lynn Haven, Florida
On October 6 between 7:35pm and 7:55pm I was working in my yard, located in Lynn Haven, FL, when I noticed a very bright light approaching. My vision was at normal eye level, so this light was so noticeable that it caused me to look directly up very rapidly. I witnessed an ice blue (outer edge) and white (central area) rounded object moving from the northeast to the southwest. The duration was about 4 seconds. It then became out of my view by a neighbor's roof. It was a very large and bright object (much brighter than the moon), almost like a large firework or more like a comet without a long tail. It did not appear to be at an extremely high altitude, such outer space and deep space. At the time of the sighting the neighborhood and nearby highway was very quite; I thought I might have heard a very faint and short crackling sound, however, that is probably not possible and might have been my imagination. I have seen an amber fireball in the skies over Deerpoint Lake back in the 1980's but this object was even more spectacular. I stand amazed! Thank You For This Opportunity to Share: Regina  Thank you Regina!

North Tampa, Florida
I was sitting on my patio, there weren't many stars visible, and a bright green flash fell downward from the sky. It was beautiful, and un-mistakenable! I live in North Tampa, Florida. The time was a little after dusk. -Erica  Thank you Erica!

Ardmore, Tennessee
Last night on 10/6/11 at about 7:30 pm central I saw a green asteroid. It was very bright like an led light bulb. I was in Ardmore, Tn. It traveled from east to west. -Erica W.  Thank you Erica!

Parrish, Florida
I also saw the meteor on 10/6 – approximately 8.36 pm EDT – I was just taking the dogs out – it shocked me initially I have never seen a meteor that closely – it was so low I fully expected to hear a boom when it hit. -Julie  Thank you Julie!

Palm Bay, Florida
I think I saw a meteor fall tonight around 8:45 in Palm Bay, Fl It was turquoise and very bright. Way bigger than a falling star and it was lit all the way down to the horizon.-Tracie Ranew  
Thank you Tracie!

Gulf Port Mississippi
Oct 6th, 2011 approx 7:35 PM central Time, We were leaving the Cracker barrel restaurant in GulfPort, Ms To the East we saw what I can describe as a bright blue-green ball of light, we did not see any tail.. from where we were it looked to be the size of a basketball, so it must have been much larger... It was moving ENE to SSW towards the Gulf of Mexico.. It was fast. and we lost sight of it when it went behind the overpass Very large, very bright and very colorful.
Ellen , Gulfport, ms.  Thank you Ellen!

Lakeland, Florida
Meteor, mostly green and blue in color, falling from east to west. -Barbara  Thank you Barbara!

Lake Mary, FL 8:45pm 6OCT2011
We were coming off of I-4 at H.E. Thomas Parkway when we saw a bright green ball streak across the sky towards the western sky. My kids aged 11 and 5 saw this big, beautiful green ball of light with a long, green tail. It flew by for a few seconds and seemed to land towards the direction that we were headed. The kids and I got so excited. It was surreal! What a great experience! -Anna T.
Thank you Anna!

Pensacola, Florida
We saw it too!!! My sister and I were driving through Pensacola, Florida when we saw a giant green fluorescent streak through the sky. It was about 7:40 p.m. on October 6, 2011. Out of the corner of our eyes, to the left low in the sky, we saw what looked like a bright green "mono-rail" looking streak moving smoothly and slowly through the sky. I can best describe it as looking like the air going around the monorail in the old Disney renderings. It did not appear to taper off or burn off at the tail end like a shooting star. It was very low in the sky and we could clearly see it out of our windshield. It was amazing to see something so big, bright and close in the sky that we had never seen before. I am relieved to read that others saw this too. It moved across the sky and vanished as if it were leaving through a slit in the sky or had disappeared behind a black curtain. -Craig Thank you Craig!

Bainbridge, GA, around 8:30pm-ish
Just happen to go out onto my back poch for a few minutes. Bright blueish white meteor moving slowly toward southwest direction. I saw it through the trees and could not see a tail but it was very bright. I love being in the right place at the right time!!! - Kasey  Thank you Kasey!

Meridian, MS
On Oct. 6, 2011 at 7:39 PM , I was traveling home on Causeyville Rd. in Meridian, MS and saw what I thought was a falling star. When it got closer I could see a bright green dome shape with a white tail traveling south east at what seemed to be a slow pace. It seemed very close and large. I saw it for about 5 seconds. I was fascinated by it.-Kim  Thank you Kim!

Tampa, Fl October 06 2011 @ 8:40 to 8:50pm
Last night, I was in front of my house in North Tampa saying good bye to some friends around 8:40-8:50 PM wend we heard something and look up to the sky and we sow a big greenish fireball coming down on a SW trajectory on a slow descent. All the dogs were barking at it. I snap picture of it with my phone. Possible a meteor. Super Cool!-Edgard  Thank you Edgard!

Maysville, Georgia 6OCT2011 between 2030 and 2045 Eastern.
Last night while out in the pasture searching for a calf I saw an unusual light in the sky, and searched today to see if anyone else had seen it. Sure enough there are several reports.
Moving slowly in the southern sky fairly low, moving from East to West. I thought it would hit Gainesville, Georgia. The duration was three or four seconds. It was bright, and flaming. My first thought was, Is that a missile?? -Susan  Thank you Susan!

St. Petersburg, Florida
My friend and I were walking back to our Historic Kenwood neighborhood from Central Ave. in St. Petersburg and saw a green object go across the sky from the North east to the southwest and it was very large and green. at first we thought maybe a falling star but it moved slower that that and then we waited to see if we could hear a crash but it did not happen. I have never seen anything like this. I saw the object at around 8:15pm EST on October 6, 2011. The duration seemed to be 5 to 10 seconds.-Loyd Thank you Loyd!

Valdosta, Georgia
My husband and I saw the bright meteor at around 8:30pm in Valdosta, Georgia. It was about as bright as the moon and had a defined green glow and tail. It was moving slow enough for my husband to notice it and then get my attention and I saw it for about 3-4 seconds. My first thought was “firework” because of the color, but it was moving across the sky and appeared very low. It was beautiful!-Brianna P.  Thank you Brianna!

We need your sighting reports; thank you!:
Date and Time of event? Location name (town,city) where you were when saw the meteor? Start and Stop location in sky? Direction of movement? Duration of Event (seconds)? Brightness ( in comparison with Venus, Moon, Sun) color, sounds? Photos? Videos? please email LunarMeteoriteHunter@gmail.com Your reports make it possible for all to check what they saw as well. Thank you! 2011 The Year of Meteors!