18 October 2011

Beirut, Lebanon Meteor? 16OCT2011

Beirut, Lebanon Meteor? 8:45 pm 16OCT2011
Hello Im from Beirut Lebanon in the middle East, I was beside my house in a mountain area called ajaltoun, keserwane its like 15 20 minutes from down town and we saw a huge orange light moving faster than a plane. It looked like a fire ball moving fast. It was heading east, we watched it until suddenly the fire died but could still see like a huge rock moving with some flames. It was the first time we se something like this I will send you the picture as soon as my husband comes home because its on his mobile.
So date was october 16 2011, time was around 8:45 pm local time. The colour was orange and quite bright . Hope this helps, please let us know what this is. thank you, Fadwa  Thank you Fadwa!

If anyone else sighted this event please report; we need your information:
Date and Time of event? Location name (town,city) where you were when saw the meteor? Start and Stop location in sky? Direction of movement? Duration of Event (seconds)? Brightness ( in comparison with Venus, Moon, Sun) color, sounds? Photos? Videos? please email LunarMeteoriteHunter@gmail.com Your reports make it possible for all to check what they saw as well. Thank you! 2011The Year of Meteors!