31 October 2011

Idaho Meteor 30OCT2011

Rigby, Idaho, USA Meteor 2300MST 30OCT2011
Was out for a walk, and was headed back home, due west. Happened to be looking north at the time. Saw the initial impact of a meteor, coming almost directly from Polaris. It traveled South West, starting about 45 degrees above the north horizon, and moving all the way to the SW sky, before it burned out about 20 degrees above the horizon in the SW sky. It was approximately 2-3 times as bright as Jupiter(which was up in the east for reference), burned with an orange/red tint, and left a green trail behind it, that lasted at least 5 seconds from impact to burn out. Not really a "fireball" per say, but very impressive. The green trail was visible from impact, until about 2 seconds after burnout. -Adam B.  Thank you Adam!

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