11 October 2011

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 11OCT2011

The Draconid meteor shower: From bust to the best
CBS News
It was a bust in the United States but the annual Draconid meteor shower offered a field day for amateur astronomers around the world to record stunning images. Earlier, there had been concerns that the bright moon would make it hard to view the ...

4.5 billion year-old meteorite crashes into Paris family home
A French family returned from holiday to discover a 4.5 billion year old egg-sized meteorite had smashed its way through the roof of their house in suburban Paris. By Henry Samuel, Paris Scientists said it was the first such space rock ever to have ...

elp allsky: Virginia Meteor Fireball 08OCT2011
By elp allsky
Saw what appeared to be two fireballs on 10/08/2011 around 9:15 PM in Herndon, VA. The first one was red and seemed to be going straight up. The second was much larger and was going from west to east. Both lasted a few seconds. ...
elp allsky

Comette family home damaged by egg-sized meteorite
The Guardian
The meteorite which hit the Comette family home is thought to have come from the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Photograph: Nasa/EPA When your name is Comette you may get used to jokes about rockets and space and planets. ...