01 April 2009

Fireball streaks across the morning sky

Fireball streaks across the morning sky
660NEWS Radio Calgary, Alberta
Dominic Terry & Alicia Hope-Ross Tuesday, March 31st, 2009 8:30 am
A fireball cruised over our city this morning, surprising early-morning commuters.
Our 660News line has been inundated with callers saying they saw a fireball streak across the sky.
Callers tell us the bright green, yellow and blue streak beamed across the heavens, and then broke apart into six or seven pieces, before disappearing.

The fireball apparently streaked from east to west across, and lit up the sky for about ten seconds.

The last time a meteorite lit up the sky was in November, when a massive space rock came through our atmosphere. Researchers later found fragments of the debris in northwestern Saskatchewan.

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