08 April 2009

Calgary, Alberta Fireball 1APR09 8APR09

Colourful start to commute as fireball explodes in sky
Calgary Sun
Wed, April 1, 2009/ updated 2009-0401
by Katie Schneider

The commute to work got a little bit brighter yesterday when a multi-coloured fireball streaked across the Calgary sky and exploded like fireworks.
Patricia Larson was driving to work with her husband on 12 Ave. S.W., about 6:30 a.m., when she saw a bright blue-green light smear in a north-south direction and then break apart into fragments after about 20 seconds.
"It was so bright, a very cool colour -- I haven't seen one that bright and not that big," she said.
Martin Lewanzick was driving on Glenmore Tr., at 84 St. S.E., about the same time when he saw the fireball that he described as white and blue in colour explode before his eyes. "It was really low in the sky, it was really wild -- it looked like a welder's torch," he said. "It blew up right in front of me and broke into a million pieces and fizzled."
Alan Hildebrand, a University of Calgary planetary scientist and co-ordinator of the Canadian Fireball Reporting Centre, said he will review photos and talk to witnesses to determine if the space rock left behind any meteorites. The show was also seen in Edmonton, Red Deer and Regina areas.

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