06 April 2009

Meteorite News 6APR09

Great ball of fire! Shooting star spotted over Ireland sparks ...
Daily Mail
By Daily Mail Reporter
Security cameras in Ireland may help scientists to find a meteorite that streaked to Earth on Sunday night. ...

Hunt is on to catch a fallen meteorite
Irish Independent - Dublin,Ireland
EXCITED astronomers are hot on the trail of a meteorite they believe may have struck Ireland on Saturday night. For a few seconds around midnight on ...

How Life Shatters Chemistry's Mirror
Astrobiology Magazine - USA
"We're still in the dark how it happened," says Sandra Pizzarello from Arizona State University, who has analyzed many of the meteorite samples. ...

Astronomers make unprecedented asteroid impact observations
Gizmag - Victoria, Australia
The measurements taken by the Herschel Telescope in La Palma were now compared with the direct analysis of the meteorite shards. The two were found to be in ...

What's in a name? Lake Drummond, Great Dismal Swamp
The Virginian-Pilot - Norfolk,VA,USA
Theories abound about its origin, a meteorite, an intense peat fire, a tectonic shift. There is even a Native American legend that a great " fire bird" ...

Why ET's genetic code could be just like ours
MIT Technology Review - Cambridge, MA,USA
Curiously, analyses of meteorite samples have found exactly these same 10 amino acids. Various researchers have noted this link but none have explained it. ...

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