17 April 2009

Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 17APR09

West Africa faces 'mega droughts'
The evidence comes from Lake Bosumtwi in southern Ghana, a deep lake formed in a meteorite impact crater. Sediments laid down each year form neat, ...

Titanium reveals explosive origins of the solar system
New Scientist
The solar system emerged from a well-blended soup of dust and gas despite being cobbled together from the remains of multiple exploded stars, new meteorite ...

Titanium reveals explosive origin of solar system
Times of India

Keeping track of asteroids gets easier
The calculations of where the meteorite would touch ground were right on the money. The scientists had predicted the meteorite would impact the ground in ...

Long pattern of West Africa droughts could worsen with climate change
The Plain Dealer - cleveland.com
The wide, deep lake formed in the crater left by a meteorite that slammed the Earth a million years ago. The lake is an ideal place for climate research. ...

Clues for space-based chirality
Scientist Live
Over the last four years, a team of researchers carefully analysed samples of meteorites with an abundance of carbon, called carbonaceous chondrites. ...

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Science Magazine (subscription)
The presence of isotope anomalies (1) of nucleosynthetic origin in meteorites is commonly interpreted as reflecting ...

DME grants prospecting rights to White Rivers Explorations
Creamer Media's Mining Weekly
The Vredefort Dome, which is about 120 km south-west of Johannesburg, is a representative part of a larger meteorite impact structure, and bears witness to ...

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