21 April 2009

Strange Fireball in the Texas Sky 20APR09 21APR09

Texas- Strange Fireball in the Sky
News 3
Posted: 8:46 AM Apr 20, 2009 Last Updated: 4:39 PM Apr 20, 2009
Reporter: Candice Vaughn, Mike George
Calls and emails continue to come into News 3 about a mysterious "fireball" in the sky around 6:30 Monday Morning .
Witnesses to the flaming object have contacted us from across the Brazos Valley. All describe it falling in the Western Sky. One viewer said she saw it above the Kroger in College Station.
Another viewer said she saw it as she was driving on Wellborn Road in College Station.
We also received an email from another viewer who saw it in Madison County.
Another person driving from Houston to Waco says she saw it just above the horizon and says the flame only lasted a few seconds.
News 3 continues to call to find out what exactly the fireball was or was not.

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