21 April 2009

Waco, Texas Meteor 20APR09 21APR09

Something Streaked Through The Morning Sky Monday, But What Was It?
WACO (April 20, 2009)--Residents from Waco to Madison County reported seeing a flaming object streaking through the western Central Texas sky Monday morning, but there is no confirmation yet what the object may have been.
One resident reported to KBTX-TV she saw the object above the Kroger store in College Station.
Another reported seeing it while driving on Wellborn Road in College Station.
A resident also saw it in Madison County.
Robinson ISD Special Education Director Kay Carter was driving from Houston to Waco Monday morning and was driving north on the loop just past University in College Station when she saw the fireball.
“It came into view at the top left of my windshield coming down at about a 45 degree angle. It was bright white with a tail behind it. It was about a fist to 1 ½ fists above the horizon and to the right of my windshield when it flashed out very suddenly,” she said in an e-mail to News 10.
“It probably lasted about a second. My first thought was a shooting star but much closer than usual. It was much larger than usual shooting stars,” she said.
In February, a bright fireball and a window-rattling explosion startled residents as a pickup-truck-size meteor plunged to Earth and shattered in a show that was visible from the West area in northern McLennan County all the way to Austin.
Pieces of the meteor have since been recovered in the West area.

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