19 March 2016

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 19MAR2016

Small asteroid detected 4 days after passing as close as satellites
However, even a small asteroid would produce an impressive meteor if it enters our atmosphere. Can a Chelyabinsk type event repeat? Yes, clearly it ...

A Meteor Above Rundle Mountain, Canada.
A Meteor Above Rundle Mountain, Canada. (i.imgur.com). submitted 8 hours ago by nohopedude · 22 comments; share. loading... all 22 comments.

A New Space Station Camera Will Watch Meteors From Above
Air & Space Magazine
From a window in the floor of the U.S. Destiny lab module, the Meteor experiment will use a visible-light spectrometer to capture high-resolution video ...

A 'Tail' of Two Comets
March 18, 2015
Two comets that will safely fly past Earth later this month may havemore in common than their intriguingly similar orbits. They may be twinsof a sort.
Comet P/2016 BA14 was discovered on Jan. 22, 2016, by the University of Hawaii's PanSTARRS telescope on Haleakala, on the island of Maui. It was initially thought to be an asteroid, but follow-up observations by a University of Maryland and Lowell Observatory team with the Discovery Channel Telescope...

Watch meteor as captured from North Wales
Daily Post North Wales
This stunning video captures the moment a huge meteor blazes a trail across the sky above North Wales. Chris Cameron-Wilson took the incredible ...

UK: Green meteor lights up the skies on St. Patrick's day
Footage captured by a camera at Clanfield Observatory, Hampshire, shows a bright meteor which lit up the skies over Britain during the early hours of ...

Colourful meteor passes over Battersea, London
Dashcam footage shows the moment a meteor passed through the skies above Battersea, south London, UK in the early hours of Thursday morning.

St. Patrick's Day 'meteor' spotted over Cumbria, UK
Footage of the bright "meteor" spotted over Britain early this morning. The video, filmed on a webcam over Ulverston, Cumbria at around quarter past ...

Meteor Activity Outlook for March 19-25, 2016
American Meteor Society
The estimated total hourly meteor rates for evening observers this week is near 2 for observers located in the northern hemisphere and 3 for observers ...

25 reports
American Meteor Society
AMS received 51 reports about a fireball seen over England, Picardie, Drenthe, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, Vlaanderen, Région wallonne, Zuid-Holland, ...

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