24 March 2016

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 24MAR2016

Observatory near Petersfield captures meteor
Petersfield Today
The last week has been a thrilling one for the Hampshire Astronomical Group (HAG) as their images of the 'St Patrick's Day Meteor' have dazzled ...

Meteor camera headed to ISS
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Meteor Experiment: Out the Window Looks from the Space Station
Meteor will be installed in the station's Window Observational Research ... Secondary targets include minor meteor showers and periods with little or ...

Fire, meteor and gecko-gripper experiments en route to Space Station
As part of Meteor, a visible spectroscopy instrument will be installed at the ISS' Window Observational Research Facility (WORF) rack, a section of the ...

NASA Sends Fire, Meteor Experiments to International Space Station on Commercial Cargo ...
New Kerala
Washington, Mar 23 : Scientific investigations of fire in microgravity and grippers inspired by geckos are among the nearly 7,500 pounds of cargo ...

Incredible Meteor Streaks Across Night Sky
Info from Licensor: "Meteor caught on my dashcam. The Meteorwas captured on the way home from a night shift at roughly 3:15 am. This was filmed in ...

Marcelo Zurita
March 24 at 7:44pm
Estação de monitoramento de meteoros implantada na ISS.
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