02 March 2016

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 02MAR2016

Fireball meteor lights the night sky over Scotland
Bill Addison was driving near Portgordon when his dash cam captured the bright flashing as well as what looked like a meteor streaking through the ...

Rogue killer comet could be heading for EARTH after mystery meteor shower seen
Daily Express
A NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN meteor shower could be a sign that a “potentially dangerous” comet poses a threat to the Earth, astronomers have warned.

Map of where meteor fragments are reported to have landed over Scotland
Press and Journal
A huge flash of bright light that illuminated the skies over the north of Scotland on Monday night was probably an “exploding meteor”. Thousands of ...

Dashcam captures 'meteor' over Scotland
++CLIENTS PLEASE NOTE: THIS VIDEO HAS BEEN LOOPED++ Footage shows the moment a suspected meteor, described as a "fireball" passed ...

Sky fireball baffles Scotland, England residents
International Business Times AU
Besides the light, there was a loud bang, leading people to speculate if it was a meteor shower, fireball or other celestial event. At 6:55 pm, Police ...

Fireball seen in skies over Scotland
Ten Eyewitness News
Footage has emerged of what appears to be a large meteor flying through the sky over north-east Scotland. Police in Scotland received a number of ...

Fireball spotted, sonic boom heard in skies above Scotland
A bright flash over the skies of northeastern Scotland, and the rumbling sound that followed, were most likely caused by a meteor approximately 10 ...

The hunt is on for remains of meteorite in the north of Scotland
Press and Journal
And now astronomers have confirmed it was a “fireball or bolide” which would have been travelling at anything between 25,000mph-160,000mph.

Fireball 'probably not' a UFO or manmade says astronomer
BBC News
Steve Owens, who runs the Planetarium at Glasgow Science Centre, said the meteor was about the size of a tennis ball and was one of an estimated ...

Meteor 'bright flash' seen in skies over Scotland
BBC News
Footage has been recorded of a large meteor in the sky over north-east Scotland. Police received a number of calls after a big, bright flash or 'fireball' ...

Video: Meteor spotted in Scotland's skies
Belfast Telegraph
A suspected meteor lit up the skies of north east Scotland, weather forecaster Lucy Verasamy explains how the phenomenon isn't as rare as we think.

WATCH: Exploding meteor seen in skies above Edinburgh
Forth 1
A suspected exploding meteor triggered calls to police from the Scottish Borders to Inverness - with some people even claiming their homes shook.

Scotland 'Meteor' Fireball Causes Minor Panic And Calls To Police
Huffington Post UK
A suspected meteor lit up the skies of the Scottish Highlands on Monday, prompting calls to the police from worried witnesses. A loud boom that shook ...

Fireball lights up Scottish skies, believed to bemeteor
A bright glowing object, believed to be a meteor, flashed above northeast Scotland on Monday night, lighting the night sky and startling residents.

Suspected meteor shower triggers calls to police
The Guardian
Suspected meteor shower triggers calls to police. Spectacle on Monday night was seen across Scotland and prompted many to report sight of 'fireball' ...

WATCH: Suspected meteor lights up Scottish sky
Greensboro News & Record
LONDON — Scientists say a meteor was the cause of a bright flash of light reported by people across Scotland and northern England.

Huge Flash Seen Over Scotland Caused by Exploding Meteor
www.undergroundworldnews.com Police received a large number of calls on Monday evening - with many people reporting that the sky had been lit ...

'Fireball' reported amid suspected meteor shower
Times of Malta
A suspected meteor shower in Scotland triggered calls to police from people claiming their homes shook. The spectacle yesterday evening was ...

Meteor lights up Scottish skyline
Yahoo Finance UK
A meteor 'bright flash' lights up Scottish skyline prompting social media users to pronounce it 'the end of the world.'.

Meteor 'flash' lights up skies above Scotland
International Business Times, India Edition
Scottish residents reported seeing a bright flash of light streaking across the night sky on 29 February. The phenomenon was captured on CCTV and ...

WATCH: Huge flash and loud boom lights up the sky as asteroid
Daily Star
THIS is the incredible moment an asteroid lit up the sky and exploded above the UK.

Bright fireball meteor lights up the sky over Scotland (Video)
Washington Post
A super bright fireball lit up the sky as it roared through the atmosphere over Scotland on Monday night. Witnesses said they heard the sonic boom ...

Giant 'Fireball' Spotted Over Scotland
A “fireball”, spotted over Scotland on February 29, reportedly caused homes to shake and prompted a large number of phone calls to the police.

Meteor Suspected as Mystery Flash Lights up Scottish Sky
ABC News
Scientists say a meteor was the cause of a bright flash of light reported by people across Scotland and northern England. Police Scotland said the ...

Amazing moment meteorite fireball five times brighter than a full moon hurtles to earth from space
Daily Mirror
Burning meteorite weighing an estimated 63 stone caught on camera over Spain.

Meteor, asteroid, comet: What's the difference?
Mother Nature Network
A meteor is a light phenomenon caused by a meteoroid that enters the Earth's atmosphere and vaporizes as the air's friction makes it rapidly heat up.

Meteor caught on video found weeks later in Florida
A group of meteorite hunters found six pieces of galactic rock they believe came from a fireball that streaked across the sky above North Florida last ...

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