11 March 2016

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 11MAR2016

321P/SOHO makes its close-approach on 13-Mar-2016
The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News
meteordetective AT gmail DOT com ** A reminder for astronomers and astronomy enthusiasts: Jupiter-family Comet 321P/SOHO makes its ...

NASA's Fireball Program Determined To Predict Where Asteroids Will Hit Earth, says Astronomers
MicroCap Magazine
How likely is it for your hometown to be hit be an asteroid? While NASA's Fireball and Bolide Reports system can detect asteroids making their way for ...

ASU satellite to search for outer-space threats
Arizona State University
The satellite's unblinking eye will search for meteor strikes and plasma eruptions from the sun that could wipe out everything electrical on Earth.

Sticky, stony and sizzling science launching to space station
Space Daily
Meteor: A less heated investigation, Meteor Composition Determination (Meteor), will enable the first space-based observations of meteors entering ...

'Equal in the eyes of the atmosphere'
Arizona State University
ASU-built SWIMSat data could help answer bigger questions about meteor ... The satellite's unblinking eye will search for meteor strikes and plasma ...

How an Amateur Meteorite Hunter Tracked Down a Fireball
New York Times
When a fireball whizzed over Florida on Jan. 24, more than a hundred witnesses reported spotting the flare on the American Meteor Society's website.

Bright meteor streaks over Black Sea near Ukraine
Signs of the Times
Bright meteor streaks over Black Sea caught by video observation stations in Mayaki and Odessa, Ukraine on 9th March 2016.

John Higgins
March 11 at 10:13pm
Sutters Mill Carbonaceous Chondrite Meteorite exposes new data, studies have determined this meteorite is highly unusual because it is not rich in indigenous amino acids as expected, and has potentially the largest diamonds ever found in a chondrite!
NASA Scientists Find Diamonds and Other Treasures in Gold Rush Meteorite
Researchers digging deeper into the origins of the Sutter's Mill meteorite, which fell in California...

John Higgins
March 11 at 9:57pm
So here is the BIG question. Are Carbonaceous chondrites that have pinkish CAIs containing Uranium 235 which is the byproduct left over from curium radioactive? Can these CAI's register on a Geiger counter? Uranium 235 is only 0.71% pure Uranium with a half life of 704 million years. Since most carbonaceous meteorites are billions of years older than the radioactive half life can these Pink CAIs still be radioactive and potentially dangerous to touch?
Meteorite reveals rare unstable element | EarthSky.org
A pink meteorite inclusion nicknamed Curious Marie shows that a highly unstable element, curium, was...

Gabriel Rodrigues Hickel
March 11 at 10:03pm
[1603.03326] Ferromagnetism and particle collisions: applications to protoplanetary disks and...

Gabriel Rodrigues Hickel
March 11 at 9:54pm
[1603.03123] Light Scattering and Thermal Emission by Primitive Dust Particles in Planetary Systems

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