30 March 2016

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 30MAR2016

Florida Fireball Meteor 29MAR2016
The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News
If you have a video or still image please send to me @ drtanukiATgmailDOTcom; Thank you! Initial Meteor Reports- 29MAR2016 Marc Miami, Florida, USA ...

Missing Minerals Found Inside Of A Meteorite
Hidden inside a meteorite that struck land in Australia 135 years ago, lies a previously undiscovered form of garnet. The particles of the dense mineral ...

Jupiter Got Smashed by a Speeding Space Rock
Discovery News
The gas giant appears to have experienced a pretty significant impact event and the flash of the extraterrestrial meteor was caught by amateur ...

Presumed meteor puts on pre-dawn show; sightings reported from Florida Keys to Jacksonville
Sun Sentinel
A Boca Raton physician walking his dogs Tuesday morning said he looked up to see something shooting across the pre-dawn sky....

Presumed meteor sightings reported across South Florida
Sun Sentinel
A possible meteor was sighted across the sky in South Florida on Tuesday morning. Meteorologist Barry Baxter for the National Weather Service said ..

Green fireball spotted in South Florida by dozens of people
Palm Beach Post (blog)
More than 40 reports were made to the AMS from people who claim to have witnessed the event from Kendall to Jupiter. Nine reports came from ...

Rare meteorite fragments discovered in Germany: Space rocks from recent fireball shine purple ...
Daily Mail
The fireball was spotted over Bavaria on 6 March (pictured). In Germany, experts say a meteorite actually strikes the ground only once every eight ...

Watch A Mysterious Object Crash Into Jupiter
Outer Places
The nature of the object is still unknown, but it is most likely an asteroid, meteor, or small comet. The flash was relatively brief, so the object was ...

Jose Ildefonso
One of Earth’s missing minerals found locked inside meteorite
Scientists have discovered the last undiscovered dense mineral of the pyroxene group in a meteorite....

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