11 March 2016

321P/SOHO makes its close-approach on 13-Mar-2016

321P/SOHO makes its close-approach on 13-Mar-2016
reported by  meteordetective

A reminder for astronomers and astronomy enthusiasts:

Jupiter-family Comet 321P/SOHO makes its close-approach to Earth on Sunday 13-Mar-2016 at 05Z21 - at a distance of 62.38LD = 0.16028 AU = 14.9 million miles from Earth.

The Comet is currently located in the constellation of Ophiuchus at 17h35m40.32s +05°07'09.6" - and is rapidly tracking 'West' (increasing its Right Ascension value) on its way to closest-approach.

At the precise time of its closest-approach to Earth, it will be located in the constellation Aquila at 19h20m08.58s +10°45'25.3" at 05Z21.  It should be +/- Magnitude 15.

Click image to enlarge screenshot (created using Stellarium).

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Mounir OUJDA said...

I observed that night (location : Morocco City oujda at about 23 : 00 ) a great light ( like that of thunder ) from an object in the sky ejected after 2 seconds or less , it was an object very close and scared me . I did a search on the web but I have not found any info on the subject