14 October 2014

Italy / Austria Bolide Meteor 12OCT2014

Italy / Austria Bolide Meteor 21h31m UT 12OCT2014
UAI- Sezione Meteore
Italian Meteor Group
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Italy / Austria Bolide Meteor 21h31m UT 12OCT2014
UAI- Sezione Meteore
Italian Meteor Group
My video camera near Venice (Italy) captured the bright fireball at 21h31m UT of 2014 October 12 probably over NE Italy/Austria.
  The photo above is a composite image of the event.This bright object suffered a sequence of spectacular flares and finished with an big explosion (video magn -12). I think it was a Taurid meteor member. My image shows a part of fireball until just the exit from the FOV in the NNE direction.
Obs: Enrico STOMEO
Loc: Scorze'(VE) 45.56N 12.11E
Italian Meteor Group - http://meteore.uai.it
IMO Video Network

Thank you Enrico for your report! - LMH

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