04 October 2014

Breaking News -NJ NY CT VA MA Meteor 03OCT2014

Breaking News - NJ NY CT VA MA Meteor Approx. 8"00 PM EDT 03OCT2014
updates pending! 60 REPORTS!
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NJ NY CT VA MA Meteor 03OCT2014 
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
03OCT2014 joyce bridgewater nj 8pm 20sec na green very bright no it was huge

03OCT2014 Maria Valadés Hamilton, NJ 1954 3sec E-w Blue flames Moon No No

03OCT2014 bob berlin 8est pm 10 left to right green gold moon tail looked like roman candle but faster

03OCT2014 spacecadet Tuckahoe New York USA 7;56 PM Eastern 3 seconds left to right South West light blue moon no fairly large

03OCT2014 Richard Griffin Pelham, NY 19:54/eastern, PM 3-4 seconds E-W. facing Soith White, no sound Near visible moon, much brighter than Venus Yes, noticed one separations Very bright from my location in New Rochelle, NY

03OCT2014 spunknj secacus nj 20:00 EST 1 S-W I was driving southgreen blye Greenish blue moon no very bright

03OCT2014 Michelle Amen readington, nj, usa 19:50:00 3 seconds facing east it was traveling left to right but going down green no sound maybe bright as the moon no Never seen anything like it. looked like a shooting star, but green and closer.

03OCT2014 Karen Koval Mount Laurel, NJ 08054 7:45ish pm 10 seconds N-S I was facing east/south green moon no none

I observed a meteor at appx. 8:00 pm while traveling south on South Maple Ave., Basking Ridge, NJ. It was moving east to west and appeared about 1/4 above the horizon .
It had a bluish color and was moving considerably slower than a shooting star.- Peter

All 60 meteor sighting reports can be seen here

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Frank Pizzelanti said...

I saw a greenish blue meteor around 8pm in Piscataway NJ. Fairly bright with a nice tail. Seemed rather close.

Queenmaysea said...

I saw a ball of fire around 8:00 PM on 10/03/2014 in Schenectafy, NY. It looked REALLY close.

Maurice InMotion said...

I find it bizarre that there is no reports of a meteor crashing into Union Square Park in downtown Manhattan last night, it was there all day and I saw it get trucked away. Was it for a movie scene? A Fake?