20 October 2011

New York City, NY Meteor 20OCT2011

New York City, NY Meteor ~9:40PM 20OCT2011
I was driving Southbound on the Bruckner Expressway overlooking the New York City skyline.
A huge fireball shot across the entire skyline traveling from East to West.
I can't estimate the position of the object's trajectory but it was South of New York City.
This was no ordinary shooting star, it was much bigger than anything I've ever seen before and covered my entire plane of view. I did NOT see an impact flash after I lost track of the object at the edge of my windshield.
The object traveled at a high speed covering the distance of the entire skyline for about a second, maybe second and half. I saw smaller chunks of the object separating and burning up quickly while the major mass continued on the initial path.
My passenger was distracted at the time and was not able to observe the phenomena in it's entirety. She confirmed seeing a part of it after I made noise to divert her attention to it. This is indicative of the unusually long trail and size of the object.
The parkway was busy at the time and I'm surprised at the scarcity of reports. -Boris Martinov
Thank you Boris!

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