09 May 2016

Alamogordo.NM / West Texas Bolide Meteor 07MAY2016

Alamogordo.NM / West Texas Bolide Meteor  0024 MDST 07MAY2016
Dear LunarMeteoriteHunter,
Had a pretty killer Bolide meteor Saturday morning. You can check it at on my Space Science page. It caused a Electophonic sound event heard by three others and us.
Bill Cooke sent us the data out of the NASA camera in New Mexico up near Alamogordo. It was on the extreme south-eastern field of their camera. Do not know if NMSU got it since their website is no longer up. Dirk it was a shadow caster.
Major (Bolide) Fire Ball meteor event over far West Texas | El Paso Vox Populi
Regard - VIA
Thomas Dorman, TX

Bright Fireball Seen Over Texas - TURKEY MAJOR Meteor Event
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