31 May 2016

Brazil Bolide Meteor -The "Juggernaut of Varginha" 00:47 BRT 29MAY2016

The "Juggernaut of Varginha" 00:47 BRT  = 03:47 UTC, 29th May 2016, Brazil.
Brasil Bolide Meteor 29MAY2016

Bolido 29 05 2016 - estações Bramon
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5 meteor cameras under Brazil's meteor observation network "Bramon", spread over the country's vast expanse, simultaneously made a fireball grab.  Triangulation of the captures and processing of the data yielded a trajectory (ground track) and facilitated orbit determination. The object was going prograde, NW to SE.

The fireball's visible trail bega
n at an altitude of 96 km and it exploded at an altitude of about 28 km.

03:47 UTC 29th May 2016 = 00:47 BRT, Brazil.
According to  Carlos Augusto Di Pietro, a researcher on the network, the entry angle for the fireball was almost vertical, 97°, hence this didn't leave a huge trail in the sky, only a glimmer of magnitude -13,2 , bigger than the brightness of the full moon! The steep entry angle would suggest a relatively small dispersion zone for any surviving fragments (if any).
Carlos Augusto Di Pietro shared that the first orbital analyses show that the "Juggernaut of Varginha" could possibly be of cometary origin linked to a meteor shower.

Bramon is an open and collaborative organization maintained by volunteers and employees of the non-profit body, whose mission is to develop and operate a network monitoring meteors, with the aim to produce and provide scientific data to the community through the analysis of their catches.

Credit to the ever vigilant station mangers who captured the event:
Alcione Caetano in Belo Horizonte / MG, Vinicius Lenci of Santo Antônio de Posse/SP, Wellington Albertini of Varginha / MG, Welter Mesquita Vaz of Oliveira/MG and William Siqueira de Maria da Fé/MG AND to the administration of Bramon.
Kudos to the operators and admin at bramon for all material and information contained in this report.

The rapid rise and distribution of Bramon - Brazilian Meteor Observation Network'. Self funded by keen enthusiasts who diligently record and upload events to their web page everyday, Bramon is a sparkling example of citizen science.

SONEAR 's All Sky camera recorded the bolide as seen in the video.


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