08 May 2016

TURKEY,Bolide Meteor May 6th 2016 00:22 EEST = May 5th 21:22 UTC w/ video

TURKEY, Sanliurfa Bolide Meteor May 6th 2016 00:22 EEST = May 5th 21:22 UTC w/Video
TURKEY, Sanliurfa May 6th 2016 00:22 EEST = May 5th 21:22 UTC
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July 30th 2015 Argentinian bolide being falsely represented as a fresh Turkey May 6th 2016 incident. The second footage in B&W is assumed to be authentic (so far) as meteor reports seemed to peak on the 5th/6th. No match yet for it.
May 6th 2016 00:22 EEST = May 5th 21:22 UTC
Translated from Turkish
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Sanliurfa is because the light appears in the sky and the explosion occurred last night was clear. It was determined that the meteorite caused the blast.
Last night at 00:22 in Sanliurfa, a huge explosion was heard. due to be heard in the county where the booming voice shaking occurred. Fear and panic citizens who reported the situation to the police by calling 155 line. The investigation carried out by the police team which revealed no evidence has been expressed that the explosion could be of natural origin. who continue to work in the morning, the police determined that the explosion of a natural event. Images recorded by a citizen with a mobile phone, suddenly burst toward the earth from asteroid in the air quickly through the clouds. clearly it is seen light as a workplace by security cameras recorded images of the asteroid around the hair. incident to police records, was passed on to the natural phenomena.

Original video of July 2015 - Argentina

Black and White camera grab (2nd part of top video) may be authentic. (until a match is found)

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