23 May 2016

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 23MAY2016

Loud explosions heard as huge fireball crashes through sky and shakes houses in this amazing ...
This shocking clip captured the moment a huge meteor tore through the sky, shaking houses and sending out a series of explosions. It was spotted on ...

WATCH: Massive Fireball Meteor Lights Up Portland Sky [Videos]
Science World Report
Clips of a huge fireball brightening Portland's night sky have recently surfaced. The event took place on Tuesday, May 17, and could also be viewed ...

Security Cam At A Remote Cottage Catches This Spectacular Meteor. This footage is from a cottage that is located approximately an hour north of ...

Ball of fire, explosion witnessed in 3 states
Mexico News Daily
The society said it was more likely a meteor that exploded in the atmosphere. Puebla Civil Protection director Fernando Estrella ruled out the ...

Caída de meteorito sorprende a habitantes de Puebla
Tribu Magazine
Caída de meteorito sorprende a habitantes de Puebla ... Reportes extras afirmaron que el meteorito se vio en algunos lugares de Tlaxcala y la Ciudad ..

Un meteorito estalló sobre Puebla durante la madrugada — Video
Equilibrio Informativo
Explicó que se llama "meteorito", cuando impacta en el suelo y si sólo roza la atmósfera es "bólido" o "meteoro". La madrugada de este sábado, ...

Ancient meteor strikes sent ice-rich tsunamis across the surface of Mars
Ars Technica
The authors estimate that, in the region they're looking at (part of the Arabia Terra), a meteor big enough to carve out a 30km wide crater would have ...

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