25 May 2016

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 25MAY2016

Meteor may have crashed near Rangeley Lakes
The Union Leader
It was like something out of a science fiction story - residents all over New England reported seeing the skies light in colors of green and blue and ...

Arizona Researcher Asks for Help Finding Meteor in Maine
ABC News
The Maine Mineral & Gem Museum suspects the meteor crashed into the woods in northwestern Maine. It's offering a $20,000 reward for a piece of the ...

Meteorite hunt in Rangeley attracts expert from Ariz.
...Robert Ward hunts for meteorites and has recovered fragments from all over the world. He offers pieces up to laboratories to study and learn...

Brilliant meteor fireball flies through Japan skies
Signs of the Times
Look at this brilliant fireball striking the sky of Japan on May 23, 2016.The path of disintegration is so long! Insane! The bright meteor was recorded by ...

Mystery flaming object falls from the sky in Sheerness
Kent Online
Zoey Cross says her 11-year-old daughter Tamuka, captured footage of what seemed to be a fireball plummeting towards Sheppey at 6pm yesterday.

EgyptAir Flight 804 'could have been brought down by meteor' in shock new theory for investigators
Could fragments of this meteor seen breaking up over New York have hit the downed EgyptAir Flight 804? EgyptAir Flight 804 crashed over the ...Total BS!

2016 The THIRD Year of "CERTAIN Uncertainty" ™ / Meteors, Asteroids, Comets, and MORE!!

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