06 May 2016

PingTung, Taiwan Tang Lung Elementary School Students Discover 8 Potentially NEW Asteroids! Videos

PingTung, Taiwan Tang Rong Elementary School Students Discover 8 Potentially NEW Asteroids!
Tang-Long Elementary School, PingTung City, PingTung County, Taiwan
English Press Release Pending!

Taiwan Education Outreach - AWB, IASC, BRAMON, IMON, TAIMON and Sandia Labs
I am VERY PROUD to be a part of this project and for the FIRST Elementary School worldwide to be involved in this program with FANTASTIC success! Third through Fifth Graders doing advanced science and discovery for us all!
台灣教育外展 - AWB,IASC,BRAMON,IMON,TAIMON, 台灣外交部, 和桑迪亞實驗室

My thanks to PingTung County Government, PingTung City Government, Taiwan Ministry of Education, Taiwan Ministry of Foreign Affairs,TaiPower, Principal Shi Shi, The STUDENTS, Parents and Staff at Tang Lung Elementary School, Patrick Miller and numerous others that have made this success possible.

Anyone wanting to make donations of money or time please contact me @ drtanuki@gmail.com .  Thank you!
任何人想要做的金錢和時間捐款請與我聯繫@ drtanuki@gmail.com。 謝謝!
-Dirk Ross....Tokyo, LunarMeteoriteHunter

Tang Lung Elementary School - Principal Shi Shi  meteorite governance commentary
視界新聞台阿緱 50 views

Principal Shi Shi explained asteroid named principal governance and Tang Lung Elementary School Team 視界新聞台阿緱 27 views

視界新聞台阿緱 30 views

2016 The THIRD Year of "CERTAIN Uncertainty" ™ / Meteors, Asteroids, Comets, and MORE!!

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