11 August 2015

شهاب Zanjan, NW Iran Bolide Meteor 30JUL2015 video of meteorite found -uncut

شهاب - Zanjan, NW Iran Bolide Meteor 30JUL2015  video of meteorite found -uncut
  Two farmer witnesses describe to a team of YJC.IR journalists the meteor event, what they saw and heard, and the later finding of the meteorite in the farm field. Several sonic booms were heard and one witness saw and heard a rock fall and later found it in a small shallow impact pit in a crop field. - LunarMeteoriteHunter

شهاب  Iran Meteor Strike Local Report July 31, 2015- uncut full video
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Latest official Iranian Mehr News Agency report-
An incident recorded meteorite!
Mehr News AgencyMehr News Agency discusses the meteor event ..."The interesting point is that the film was published interviews with inhabitants of a village and a group of  journalists to portray the meteorite that crashed meteorite true, but not yet officially confirmed...."
  LunarMeteoriteHunter Note- It seems that there is discussion as to who owns the meteorite under Iranian law and therefore there is a sudden "lack of information" . The article discusses monetary, cultural heritage and scientific values and indirectly concludes that the rock belongs to the State.
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