15 August 2015

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 15AUG2015

Perseid meteor shower delights Ankarans
Cihan News Agency
Many flocked to the observatory in Ankara late Wednesday night to witness a dazzling display of the annual Perseid meteor shower, also known as ...

Meteor show peaking tonight in mostly clear skies
Bulletin Leader
The Perseid meteor shower over the European Southern Observatory. ... But the meteor shower has even produced stunning results in less optimal ...

Millions of people witness Perseid meteor shower
West Texas News
Millions of people in various parts of the globe recently witnessed this year's Perseid meteor shower, thanks to perfect weather conditions. In addition ...

Photographer captures stunning video of PerseidMeteor Shower
The Perseid Meteor Shower light up the sky Wednesday night and early Thursday before sunrise.

Perseid Meteor Shower from Korea
CNN iReport
A meteor from the 2015 Perseid Meteor shower falls through the Milky Way over a gazebo in the mountains of South Korea.

Celestial Fireworks – Perseids Meteor Shower
Royal Museums Greenwich Blogs
Get ready to watch nature's very own fireworks display as the Perseids meteor shower rolls into town. The shower can be seen every year between ...

Event 1923-2015
Fireball event
ID, UT Date & Time, Local Date & Time, City, State, Dur. Magn. D. Sound, C. Sound, Frag. Observer, Exp. a, 2015-08-13 04:35 UT, 2015-08-12 21:35 ...

Perseid meteor shower
The Boston Globe
With a new moon this week, sky gazers got the chance to be amazed by the nighttime show put on by the oldest meteor shower observed by humans.

Watch: Stunning time lapse video of Perseid meteorshower
Bath Chronicle
Did you see the meteor shower on Wednesday night? Our Local World colleagues in Scunthorpe have published this amazing time lapse video.

Saskatchewan sky gazers capture Perseid meteorphotos
The annual Perseid meteor shower was on display this week and Saskatchewan shutterbugs were ready. From Southey to Outlook, people were on ...

Perseid meteor shower offers a spectacular show
PBS Video
In our News Hour Shares moment of the day, stargazers catch a glimpse of the annual Perseid meteor shower. This year, the show is especially ...

Stunning time-lapse of Perseid meteor shower
WMUR Manchester
(CNN) —Freelance photographer Ben Adkison stayed up long into the night last night to catch this time-lapse video of the Perseid Meteor Shower.

Did a meteor start a fire in Portland man's yard? 'I don't think so'
A Southeast Portland man thinks a meteor might have caused a mystery fire in his front yard. Patrick Story says he heard a loud boom outside his ... Nothing to do with a meteor! - LunarMeteoriteHunter

Great Perseid photos here.
View larger. John Entwistle provides a photo of a brilliant Perseid meteor streaking down next to the Milky Way Galaxy, Jersey Shore, NJ. Thank you ...

Perseids Meteor Shower Lights Up the Sky
ABC News
This year's spectacle was especially dazzling since it coincided with the new moon, creating the perfect dark background for watching meteors zoom ...

Oregon residents wonder if meteor caused fire in Portland neighborhood
New York Daily News
Was it a fire from outer space? A group of residents in Portland are wondering if a meteor fell from the sky and started a mysterious blaze, but an expert ... Nothing to do with a meteor! - LunarMeteoriteHunter

PHOTOS: The Annual Perseid Meteor Shower
The Denver Post
A Perseid meteor along the Milky Way illuminates the dark sky near Villadiego in the province of Burgos, northern Spain, during the "Perseids" meteor ...

Perseid Meteor Shower in Pictures
Across the Northern Hemisphere, the Perseid meteor shower has been lighting up the night sky all week. Check out some of our favorite shooting star ...

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