25 August 2015

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 25AUG2015

Protect lands to preserve dark skies
Las Vegas Sun
The Perseid meteor shower blazed across our dark desert skies, and I was fortunate enough to share the experience with a group of youths who had ...

The Brightest Meteor Shower Is This Week
The Brightest Meteor Shower Is This Week. Duration: 00:31 10/08/2015. SHARE · TWEET · EMAIL. You could see up to 100 shooting stars an hour.

Meteor over Boise
About; Export; Add to. Meteor over Boise. Capture date : 01/01/1970; Publication date : 08/24/2015; Duration : 00:24; Category : News ...

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Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society - Oxford Journals
The Geminid meteor shower is typically the second largest meteor shower in the meteor data bases. It is the most numerous shower associated with ...

How Will Tokyo's Artificial Meteor Shower Work?
This is the part of the article where you get nervous, then intrigued, then nervous again. The people claiming that they can pull off this feat ...

Meteor Shower Hikes
Campus Recreation - University of New Hampshire
Hike 3 miles round trip to the summit of South Mountain where we'll enjoy uninterrupted views and hopefully glimpse meteor showers illuminating the ...

Pictures of the Week
Reuters Pictures
A meteor streaks across the sky over Leeberg hill during the Perseid meteor shower near Grossmugl in the early morning of August 13, 2015.

Perseid meteor shower peaks tonight
Jewocity.com (press release) (blog)
ESO The Perseid meteor shower over the European Southern Observatory. ... The annual meteor shower will peak on those two days, and this year's ...

Why NASA Isn't Buying Into the Doom and Gloom MeteorProphecies
Charisma News
NASA says that despite doomsdayer's predictions, an asteroid will not hit the Earth in September. (NASA/Flickr). Join us on our new podcast each ...

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