04 August 2015

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 04AUG2015

August Is Meteor Month!
Farmers' Almanac
August is often regarded as “meteor month,” with the appearance of one of the best displays of the year. And viewing circumstances will be nearly ...

Tracking A Mysterious Group of Asteroid Outcasts
NASA- Fast Facts:
› A new NASA study has traced some members of the near-Earth asteroid population back to their likely source.
› The source may be the Euphrosyne family of dark, asteroids on highly inclined (or tilted) orbits in the outer asteroid belt.
› The study used data from NASA's NEOWISE space telescope, which has a second life following its reactivation in 2013.

Peak of Perseid meteor shower coming up next week
Tucson News Now
One of the best meteor showers of the year peaks this month. The peak of the Perseid meteor shower is very early morning August 13, but good ...

Derbyshire skies: When is the best time to see the Perseid meteor shower?
Derby Telegraph
Adrian Brown took the picture of a Perseid meteor crossing the sky near Cassiopeia at 10.19pm on August 12, 2005. He used a Canon 300D camera ...

What's up in the sky this month in Owatonna
August is always a special month because of the Perseid Meteorshower. The bright planets Jupiter and Venus are quickly leaving the evening sky.

State parks to host meteor shower events
Petoskey News-Review
To celebrate the annual meteor shower, state parks around Michigan are hosting events where families can attend for a fun night of star gazing.

Perseid Meteor Shower Pajama Party in Grand Rapids
100.5 The River
This year's Perseid Meteor Shower will occur as the moon is in a new phase, making it a great year to view the meteor shower. The Perseid Pajama ...

Perfect conditions to watch the Perseids
Perseids meteor shower - Photo: apod.nasa.gov The coming days will offer great conditions to watch the Perseids meteor shower, the Dutch ...

Helpful Tips For Nuking An Asteroid
National Geographic
“They've just blown this comet apart, and our hero and heroine, hand-in-hand on a mountain, watch this beautiful meteor shower. If a five-kilometer ...

Meteor captured streaking through Jervis Bay sky
Sydney Morning Herald
"It was just this huge green fireball streaking across the sky," she said. "It was quite slow. I have seen faster ones. "It was really green and as it burnt ...

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