12 August 2015

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 12AUG2015

Milky Way and Exploding Meteor
Astronomy Picture of the Day - Nasa
Explanation: Tonight the Perseid Meteor Shower reaches its maximum. Grains of icy rock will streak across the sky as they evaporate during entry into ...

What you need to know about watching the biggest meteor shower of the year the next few nights
WLKY Louisville
It's time for the biggest meteor shower of the year the next several nights. I have seen various reports on the internet talking about "the best show ever" ...

Meteor light show set to dazzle
BBC News
Skywatchers around the world are in for a dazzling display as the annual Perseid meteor shower reaches its peak on Wednesday night. Viewing is ...

Perseids meteor shower - Professor Monica Grady
Professor in Planetary Sciences Monica Grady gives the lowdown on what the Perseid Meteor Shower is all about and how to watch it. Free learning ...

Perseid meteor shower to put on a spectacular show in Hong Kong
South China Morning Post
... a belt of comet debris known as the Perseids, astronomers say. The meteor shower will peak on the night of Aug 12 to the morning of Aug 13. While.

Annual, brilliant Perseid Meteor Shower to light up Wyoming skies this week
(Wyoming) – Starting tonight, the annual Perseid meteor shower will light up the sky giving stargazers the ability to view 60-100 shooting stars per ...

How to view the 2015 Perseid meteor shower
Amy Sayle from the Morehead Planetarium and Science Center explains how you can see the Perseid meteor shower.

Brilliant meteor shower likely for late Wednesday, early Thursday
Bangor Daily News
If you need a good excuse to stay up late this week, stargazing could be at the top of your list, as a meteor shower promises to light up the sky with as ...

How to take photographs of this week's Perseidmeteor shower
A meteor streaks across the sky over Japan during one Perseidmeteor shower. Perseids tend to be faster and brighter than most meteors, ...

Here's what you'll actually see when you watch this week's meteor shower
Business Insider
Meteor showers are nature's nocturnal entertainment. During large showers, like the Perseids and Geminids, you can see as many as a hundred ...

Perseid Meteor Shower
This year's Perseid meteor shower is shaping up to be more spectacular than usual. To explain why, and how you can see it, David Common was ...

Perseids 2015: View The Perseid Meteor Shower In NYC, LA And More; Best Spots And Tips
International Business Times
The annual meteor shower always puts on a good show, with anywhere from 60 to 100 meteors per hour, and it's relatively easy to observe. Living in a ...

08/11/2015 – Ephemeris – Perseid meteor shower is tomorrow night
Bob Moler's Ephemeris Blog - WordPress.com
The Perseid meteor shower is growing in numbers of meteors seen per hour. The expected peak is Thursday morning about a quarter after 2.

Rosetta Comet Outburst Captured
A dramatic outburst from Rosetta's target comet is recorded by several instruments, including the Double Focusing Mass Spectrometer, which uses NASA-built electronics.

Perseid Meteor Shower Peaks Aug. 12-13
Look to the northeast Wednesday night, August 12, into Thursday morning, August 13, for what could be the best show of shooting stars all year.

Watch the Perseid meteor shower peak this week
Baltimore Sun (blog)
The Perseids, one of the year's best meteor showers, peak this week. And they could be even more brilliant than usual, thanks to some good timing.

How to watch the Perseid meteor shower
Washington Post
Forecasters say the Perseid meteor shower could be an especially good show this year because the Moon is nearly new when the shower peaks on ...

How to watch tomorrow night's big meteor shower
San Jose Mercury News
The Perseid meteor shower was first documented by Chinese astronomers in 36 A.D., and is visible from mid-July to mid-August each year.

Perseid meteor shower set to delight stargazers
Irish Times
Irish stargazers are set for an exciting week as one of the year's biggest meteor showers, the Perseids, peaks in activity. Wednesday night is due to ...

Pretty, prolific meteor shower to light the sky on Wednesday night
Sun Sentinel
The Perseid meteor, featuring between 50 and 100 streaks per hour, will be late Wednesday and early Thursday.

Video: Perseid meteor shower - Everything you need to know
Belfast Telegraph
The Weather Network interviews Robert Massey from The Royal Astronomical Society, who discusses the best ways to watch the Perseid meteor ...

When, where, how to see the Perseids meteor shower
Sky watchers are in for a treat this week. As Matt Sampson explains, this year's Perseid meteor shower is expected to be stellar.

Perseid Meteor Shower: Best Places to See 'Shooting Stars' This Week
Live Science
The annual Perseid meteor shower is typically the most spectacular "shooting star" display for people in the Northern Hemisphere, and this week, ...

How to watch the Perseid meteor shower in Colorado
The Denver Post
A lone perseid meteor is captured flying over the summit of Mount Evans early in the morning on August 12, 2012. The bright area in the sky is the ...

Perseid meteor shower hits peak
The Perseid meteor shower is near its peak, and as many as 100 streaks per hour may be visible in the sky Tuesday night. Derrick Pitts, chief ...

Moonless Sky to Make for Spectacular 2015 PerseidMeteor Shower Starting Wednesday
Sue and John Schafer wait for the Perseid meteor shower to unfold from Anzo-Borrego Desert State Park in 2013. (Credit: Don Bartletti / Los Angeles ...

Perseid Meteor Shower Gets a Boost from Dark Moon, Jupiter
The Perseid meteor shower is the most widely observed and dependable annual meteor display of the year, and its peak this week has all the ...

Your Alberta guide to watching the Perseids MeteorShower
EDMONTON – Astronomy buffs and amateur sky watchers alike will have their heads tilted to the heavens this week for the annual Perseids meteor ...

Live Skywatch August 11th...Perseids Meteor Shower 2015
Live Celestial Observation of The Perseids Meteor Shower 2015 www.ufonightvision.info for all three cams ...mine, americanroadwarrior from Boston ...

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