30 July 2015

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 29JUL2015

Perseid meteor shower to light up sky in August
Focus Taiwan News Channel
Taipei, July 29 (CNA) Star-gazers are welcome to attend an event to observe the Perseid meteor shower from Aug. 12-14 at the Alishan National ..

New England, USA / Canada 19MAY1780 - Day of Darkness
Posted: 28 Jul 2015 05:24 AM PDT
New England States , USA / Parts of Canada 19MAY1780 - Day of Darkness New England, USA 19MAY1780 The Day of Darkness - Signs in the Heavens Posted to YouTube by elias fragakis 58 views Published on Jun 14, 2014 Three centuries ago in parts of North America, a strange event turned morning to night. It remains wreathed in mystery - so what caused the Dark Day? --- Forest fire? Asteroid?

How to watch tonight's meteor shower created by a very mysterious comet
Leavenworth Times
This mysterious, and potentially alien comet, is called Comet 69P/Machholz, and it's the most-likely source for the annual meteor shower happening ...

How To Watch Tonight's Meteor Shower Created By A Very Mysterious Comet
s a very strange comet flying through our solar neighborhood that unlike any other comet astronomers have had led some to speculate that this comet .

Delta Aquarid Meteor Shower Kicks Off July 28
Headlines & Global News
Meteor showers will be abundant from July 28 until late August, with the Delta Aquarid meteor showers starting off the show. (Photo : Getty Images).

Perseids: Fireball Meteor.
Spaceweather.com Realtime Image Gallery
Perseids , first observations. all sky camera. 2015 07 28. The Perseids are the most popular meteorshower as they peak on warm August nights as ...

[1507.07887] The Euphrosyne family's contribution to the low albedo near-Earth asteroids


The Delta Aquarid Meteor Shower Peaks Tonight!
Weinberg's Weather Blog - Typepad
I am a huge fan of meteor showers and I am always excited to tell you of the potential to see meteors shoot across the sky. Tonight, the Delta Aquarid ...

Watch the 2015 Perseids Meteor Shower in August from the UK
Dark Sky Telescope Hire
The 2015 Perseids Meteor Shower is already well under way. ... The Perseids Meteor Shower reaches its peak of activity on the nights of 12 – 13 ...

Watch Live: Webcast Of Delta Aquarid Meteor Shower
Penny4NASA (blog)
The Delta Aquarids will treat skywatchers to the first good meteor shower of the summer on Tuesday. The Delta Aquarid meteor shower is set to peak ...

Heads Up: Delta Aquarid Meteor Shower is Tonight
The Delta Aquarid meteor shower will light up the sky late Tuesday evening into Wednesday morning, according to the Old Farmer's Almanac.

How a meteor impact caused the 'Big Freeze'
Scientists have finally proven the connection between a meteor impact and a subsequent anomalous global cooling event known as the “Younger ...

Sprite Meteor
Spaceweather.com Realtime Image Gallery
On the evening of July 27 I pointed my sprite camera system towards storms up north-west of my location in Hawley, Tx to see if I could catch any ...

Delta Aquarid Meteor Shower: How to Watch
While the Delta Aquarid meteor shower started on July 12 and is expected to continue until Aug. 23, the time between moonset and sunrise early ...

Hamptons Restaurant Pairs With Montauk Observatory Astronomers For Delta Aquarids Meteor ...
On Tuesday, July 28th from 9 to 11 p.m., join Townline BBQ for a Meteor Shower Party with the Montauk Observatory Astronomers. Taking place at ...

Best place to watch the Perseid Meteor Showers In Bar Harbor
Heading up to that area the week of 8/10 and just found out its the same time as the Perseid MeteorShowers. I'm not sure if Cadillac Mtn is open at ...

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