27 July 2015

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 27JUL2015

IN AR TN MI OH Meteor/s 25JUL2015
Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News - Blogger
YOUR meteor report is important. If you came here looking for a report about a meteor and dont report it there is no data to view. Take 2 minutes and ...

Meteor/Fireballs Seen Over 5 States in US - Ireland Meteor w
Before It's News
(Before It's News). Meteor/Fireballs Seen Over 5 States in U.S – Ireland Meteor w/ Fragmentation & Sonics. IN AR TN MI OH Meteors 25JUL2015 ...

Vesta's Potassium-to-Thorium Ratio Reveals Hot Origins
Planetary Science Institute- July 22, 2015
Tucson, Ariz. -- Studies of materials on the surface of Vesta offer new
evidence that the giant asteroid is the source of howardite, eucrite and
diogenite (HED) basaltic meteorites, supporting current models of solar
system evolution and terrestrial planet formation, a new paper by Planetary
Science Institute researcher Tom Prettyman says. ...

NASA's New Horizons Team Finds Haze, Flowing Ice on Pluto
Flowing ice and a surprising extended haze are among the newest discoveries
from NASA's New Horizons mission, which reveal distant Pluto to be an icy
world of wonders. ...

It's meteor season! | Today's Image | EarthSky
Meteor season 2015 is underway, with several showers doing on now and the Perseids gearing up for a great show in a moon-free sky in mid-August....

Delta Aquarid meteor shower: Watch spectacular shooting stars live online
International Business Times UK
For those wishing to see the meteor shower from the comfort of their own home, the Slooh Community Observatory is set to host a live stream from ...

Egypt observes Delta Aquaid Meteor shower Monday
The Cairo Post
CAIRO: The Delta Aquarid Meteor shower is to peak in Egypt's skies starting from Monday until July 30, the National Research Institute of Astronomy ...

Townline BBQ in Sagaponack to host party for Delta Aquaridmeteor shower | Newsday
It's time for a meteor-shower party. Townline BBQ in Sagaponack will host one on July 28, from 9 to 11 p.m., with professors from Montauk Observatory ...

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